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Please take a read of our various blogs based around industry news, tips and tricks within the label industry.  Our team are always on hand to answer any questions you may have, but some of our blog stories may inspire you with new ideas or fill up 5 minutes whilst sipping a cuppa on your tea break.

Creating A Non-Alcoholic Beer Brand Your Customers Love

The non-alcoholic drinks market is continuing to grow, with the market expected to continue growing by over 5% each year. For those who make the decision to avoid alcohol, opting for a non-alcoholic beer brand as an alternative to other soft drinks is popular for feeling like they can still enjoy a social drink with their friends or family without the alcohol content.


beer ice bucket

Designing Unique Gin Bottles That Stand Out

The alcohol market is booming, with more brands ever than before to choose from. Whether you are a well-loved and known brand looking for a brand refresh to gain back some market share or are a small family run start up business working with local distilleries, creating unique gin bottles can make the difference for brands of all sizes.


What is Craft Beer?

Craft beer is a term we have heard for decades in pub, breweries and supermarkets, but what actually is a ‘craft’ beer? The term craft beer most commonly refers to a beer which is brewed by a smaller, independent brewery or micro-brewery producing a small batch of beers.

craft beer

Food and Drinks Shows 2021

With the pandemic slowly lifting in the UK we are set to be seeing more trade shows, craft fairs and festivals opening their doors this Spring and Summer which is music to our ears. Working with lots of food and drinks manufacturers we are keen to keep our customers up to date about their industry trends so have found find food and drink trade shows coming up which you might not want to miss.

What To Include on a Rum Bottle Label

When it comes to producing a new rum the time and effort that goes into creating the best flavours and colours doesn’t stop there. Presenting your tipple in a bottle and dressing it with the ultimate eye-catching label is the icing on the cake. This can all become quite daunting of knowing where to begin, what to include and how to design the rum bottle label.

Gin Flavours You Will Love

Gin is a classic British spirit with 1 in 16 people drinking this beverage every single day, it is pretty obvious us Brits love a good old gin and tonic. With so many different types of gin, as well as limitless amounts of flavours, find out some of the popular premium gin flavours on the market today.

Drinks Trends for 2021

With an unpredicted 2020 who knew we could predict drinks trends for 2021, but going by industry experts and rises in certain drinks sectors we are able to give a pretty good guess as to where the drinks market is heading and what sectors will be booming this summer.

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Brand Colours and the Meaning Behind Them

When it comes to building your company brand there are so many factors to think about which we may think of as unimportant but there is a reason for every detail which goes into a brand and how we are drawn to logos, labels and products.

What Fonts Say About Your Brand

Using certain fonts on your label designs communicates to your audience much more than just words. The font style, size and colour you choose all express a certain mood, emotion and personality for your brand

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A Boom for the Non-Alcoholic Drinks Market

There has been a big rise in the non-alcoholic beverage industry with a record year last year where the market sold over £37m (up 506% compared to 2014) in the UK alone.

Kombucha Drinks Health Benefits

Kombucha is a word we are hearing more and more frequently, so what is it? Kombucha is a type of fizzy and fruity fermented tea, also known as ‘mushroom tea’ because of the mushroom like colour which is produced whilst in the fermentation stage.

Kombucha drinks
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Labelnet Invest in New Machinery

Earlier this year Labelnet made the decision to broaden its printing capabilities and invest in a state-of-the-art piece of machinery to take our customers labels to the next level of luxury. Introducing the brand new Digicon Series 3 finishing press.

Custom Vape Labels

Vaping has become increasingly popular as a ‘cleaner’ alternative to cigarette smoking, with e-liquids coming in hundreds of fun and fruity flavours. With such a big and growing market, and such a small label to showcase your vape brand, having a bit of knowledge of where to start may just be what you need.

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Create Candle Label

Creating Candle Labels

Creating a nice label for your candle jars is more than adding a catchy name and describing the scent, it is the most important aspect of branding your candle as well as making it look attractive to appeal to your audience.

Secrets Behind a Pet Food Label

When it comes to our cuddly, adorable pets, we treat them as part of the family and want the very best for them including their diet. Whether its for your dog, cat, hamster or rabbit you want to know what is in their food.

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designing food label graphic

How to Design a Food Label

There are many things to consider when it comes to designing a food label and our infographic blog will guide you through the various step from branding, legal requirements and market research.

The Benefits of Digital Printing

When it comes to label printing there are numerous printing options to choose from and it can get a bit confusing as to what printing method you should go for, to get the most out of your label design as well as the cost.

digital printing
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Design Stunning Gin Labels

With summertime on the horizon, and gin lovers at the ready to test some new infused gin flavours, now is the time to think about creating the best gin labels for your bottles, to make them appealing to your target audience.

Label Embellishments

We are excited to announce that our brand-new embellishment machine has arrived, bringing our customers the most premium label designs to take their labels to the next level.

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Create Eye-Catching Wine Labels

Think of when you are in the supermarket, pushing your trolley, shopping for wine.  It can be tough deciding on what wine to choose when there are so many on the shelf.  With 3 or 4 bottles in your hand, all priced the same, what makes you choose one over the other? Ultimately, the label.

Designing a Beer Bottle Label

When it comes to dressing your beer bottles choosing the right colour, style, material and artwork for your beer label, is vital to ensure your bottles jump out on the shelf and attract your customers attention.  With so many beer companies out there and craft beer becoming increasingly popular, the competition is bigger than ever.

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takeaway tubs

Takeaway Food Labels

Labelling your food is vital for listing all ingredients for your customers, displaying your company logo and raising brand awareness. This includes takeaway food labels, where food is delivered to your door.

Why not make the most of your marketing opportunities and add a label onto the brown paper bag before the takeaway leaves the shop.

Guide to Recycling Labels

Recycling is a daily household necessity in this day and age and becoming increasingly popular with an increase of 45% of all household waste being recycled in 2018. So, whilst we are all trying to do our bit to help the environment, are we recycling our labels properly?

Vegans Guide
Vegans Guide

Creating Your Craft Labels

Craft labels are generally used for artisan foods such as jam, honey, ketchup, and cheese; or drinks such as craft beers, ciders and ales.

A craft label is used for homemade/artisan type products which has a textured feel and often made from recyclable paper material rather than a gloss Polypropylene (PP) or Polyethylene (PE).

A Vegans Guide to Reading a Food Label

For those that participated in Veganuary you may now be converted to being a full time Vegan, and with the up rise in Veganism we thought what better than to offer you a guide to reading your food labels so it’s a bit less daunting for you when shopping for Vegan products.

Vegans Guide
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5 Ways To Make Your Labels Stand Out

Choosing the right label for your product can make all the difference to your sales as it gives people that first impression. So when it comes to deciding what material to choose and why, you may need some extra guidance which is where we can help you.

5 Reasons Why We Are Your Go To Label Supplier

With there being so many label suppliers on the market we understand it must be hard to decide who to choose as your supplier and why.  So we have come up with 5 simple reasons to show you why we are your go to label supplier.

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signing form at christmas

How To Survive Christmas As A Business

It’s the most wonderful time of the year…it is also the busiest time for a lot of businesses and demands from customers are higher than ever!

What Colours Say About Your Brand

In a world of online shopping, cheap alternatives, and huge competition, it’s no wonder that your brand needs to stand out more than ever. At Labelnet we like to add vibrant colours to our customers labels to give them the wow factor and attract customers attention when sat on the shelf.

protein shake

Choosing the right Protein Powder

In a world of social media, marathons, beach holidays and photographs everyone is more health and image conscious than ever before. This has made Protein shakes, bars and supplement products fly off the shelf.

Are Your Labels Recyclable

With the world being more and more conscious of our environment and doing what we can to help; sustainable packaging is more talked about than ever before.

Many of our customers ask if their labels are recyclable which unfortunately isn’t a straight forward yes or no answer.

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How Food Labels Have An Impact On Consumer Behaviour

With so many brands and products on the shelf when you walk into a supermarket, how can you win over customers to purchase your product? It is up to you to ensure your version is the most memorable and appealing option which stands out on the shelf.

New Allergen Labelling

It will be mandatory for food manufactures who produce pre-packed food to display a full list of ingredients with the 14 allergens clearly listed on the packaging.  This will be introduced this summer and come into full effect by summer 2021.

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Labels for Bottles and Jars – Tips

Various customers of ours use self-adhesive labels on their bottles and jars for all sorts of products. From homemade jams and sauces to drinks, cosmetics and chemicals – all customers need to make sure that important information about their products and the ingredients used is clearly displayed on each container.

Digital vs Flexo Labels

With our two labelling options at Labelnet we quite often get asked what is the difference between the two.  In short Flexo printing is ideal for large volume orders using CMYK colours and Digital printing is great for shorter runs requiring a higher quality print or more vibrant label.

Flexo Labels
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5 Tips For Designing An Eye Catching Label

Choosing the right colours for your labels is an important factor when designing.  It’s important to consider what customers see when they look at a label – silver labels might project sophistication or a high-tech feel, brown paper labels may convey sustainability and reliability.

Labelnet 20th Anniversary

20 years ago, on a hot summer’s day back in July of 1999, Labelnet was first opened in Ongar, Essex.  The team consisted of just Neil Southgate (Managing Director) and Shirley Bizzell (Co-Owner) with no customers, employees or suppliers.


Carbon Labels Help Shoppers Pick Greener Foods

This is the information age, and the consumers of 2019 are better informed when it comes to making purchasing decisions than at any point in history. However, there are still gaps in the information that is available.

Best Practice Tips for Custom Label Design

Creating the right labelling is as important a part of the overall design and marketing process as creating the right product. Whether you are selling a can of soup or a laptop computer, yours might be better than all the rest.

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