Bottled Spirits Labels

Labels for bottled spirits such as gin, vodka and whisky have to look great on the store shelf, but must also be eye-catching on the back wall of a bar to get a customer’s attention. Today’s consumers have an abundance of choice, and today’s spirit brands face a high level of shelf competition. The right label can differentiate your brand to create a lasting impression with your customer.  We can offer premium textured materials, or clear see through materials to make your labels stand out from your competitors.

Bold, distinctive and unique to your brand, bottle labels can communicate your brand’s story, and with state of the art printing facilities, Labelnet are proud to offer professional-standard custom bottle labels for a range of branding projects.

A quality spirit label

Whether you want a vintage look, a minimalist boldness or original illustrations, we can accomodate your needs. Some designs include:

  • Unique, creative bottle shapes that are eye catching
  • Transparent labels that create a minimalist or no-label look to show off the contents of your bottle
  • Label materials with a unique texture that feel good to touch
  • Decorative labels on foil to add glimmering label elements

At Labelnet, our team of designers are proficient when it comes to creating high-impact bottle labels for drinks, that are not only durable, but long-lasting and made in accordance with all BRC packaging legislation.

We also take extra care in ensuring bottle labels are secured using adhesives that are water and temperature resistant, making them ideal for chilled goods. This allows us to achieve the best possible finish for each and every product.

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