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Digital Printing

At labelnet, we embrace new technology to ensure our technique and quality is the absolute best, and now print digital labels. Having acquired and mastered current technologies,  Labelnet proudly supply digital labels to some of the biggest names in the UK and Europe.

What are digital labels and packaging?

Digital labels are types of pressure-sensitive labels (self-adhesive) produced by cutting-edge digital printing technology that allows for greater control and versatility whilst producing photographic-quality graphics, crisp text, and vibrant colours.  At Labeltnet we print bespoke digital labels that will get your brand noticed and products favoured over you competitors.

Digital printing has become somewhat of a trend within the label industry in recent years and is more often than not the first choice for printing custom labels. New digital labels and packaging machinery has emerged, allowing label manufacturers like ourselves to offer customers improved label quality at reduced costs with faster turn-around times.

At Labelnet, our printing machinery portfolio is something we’re pretty proud of, and after much investment, we have been able to expand our product capabilities to offer a broader spectrum of digital labels . The Domino N610i is a fairly new addition and produces fantastic digital labels for food, beverages, household and chemical products amongst others.

Digital label printing uses a digital file of your design and prints the graphic directly onto a chosen label material i.e. polypropylene or polyethylene. Digital printing differs from flexographic printing in the sense that all colours and images are produced in one step. Also, digital printing produces less waste than flexographic; great if your business values involve the environment.

Benefits of digital printing

Consumer demands grow daily! From limited edition items to new flavours, varieties and nutritional needs, and even innovative packaging and custom labels,  It can be a difficult task for businesses to keep up. Not forgetting all the packaging and labelling laws and regulations that must be taken into account!

Such in depth customisation of labels requires machinery that can meet these demands, and by digitally printing labels we can offer a wide range of benefits beyond those of conventional labels, including:

  • Higher resolution images
  • Printing on a wide range of substrates
  • Rapid turnaround on orders
  • Crisp fonts with excellent clarity
  • Accurate printing from first to the last label on the roll
  • Less waste
  • Vivid colours, smooth gradations and shadows without drop-off.

Inks, materials and colours

Digital labels offer vibrant colours at high resolutions – even on the small print.

Colour consistency and vibrancy is addressed with digital labels and packaging, and the labels printed with our Domino N610i are equipped with vibrant UV curable inks. The machines High Quality mode also prints over 90% of Pantone colours, while providing the highest opacity white for clear labels. In conjunction with the extensive product ranges we can offer with our printing technologies, we can also provide labels on a variety of substrates and premium finishes, such as foil blocking and ultra-high gloss.

Variable data printing

Digital labels can be uniquely produced with variable data printing (VDP) technology – each label in a single print run can differ from the rest. If you’re looking for consecutive numbering, sequential barcodes or QR-codes, this isn’t a problem for our digital printing machinery!

Is digital printing the way forward?

In addition to digital labels, we also offer additional printing options such as flexographic labels produced by our Flexo Press (Edale FL3). But determining which solution is best for your labels depends on multiple factors, such as:

  • Quantity
  • Turnaround
  • Label design

Flexographic printing is extremely efficient and cost-effective for large quantities of labels, or even if you require a smaller quantity of labels to begin with, and more print runs of the same design over time.

If your label design is complex and detailed with a vast range of colours, digital labels will be more suitable.

Our digital label printing capabilities

At Labelnet, we can promptly and cost-effectively produce digital labels. With VDP we can alter numbering and barcodes from one label to the next, without slowing down or altering the printing process. Our collection of over 1000 pre-made label cutters ensures we can meet our customer’s needs immediately, with the ability to order new cutters to a customer’s specifications if need be.

Personal service and customisation

With over 20 years of experience, the latest machinery and using our perfected techniques, we have the design and printing capabilities to bring your vision to life and create bespoke labels. We ensure our staff are up to date with trends within the industry, and from this, we recognise the latest features that can be incorporated into your labels.

Our variety of customisation includes:

  • Foil stamping
  • Laminate and high-gloss finishes
  • Printing on textured materials

Our experienced friendly team is here to help throughout the entire label process. No matter which industry you’re in, or the complexities of your order, we’ll assist you from start to finish. To find out more about our label services, call the team today on 01277 364964.

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