Foil Wrappers

Foil Wrappers

For food bars and snacks, bespoke foil wrappers are amongst the most popular types of flexible packaging for these particular products.

Foil Wrappers for Food Bars

Food bars, whether they be granola, breakfast or protein bars, are a favourite for busy on the go consumers who are looking for a quick snack, nutritional supplement or even a meal replacement. But it’s not just convenience that plays a huge part in sales, thanks to single-serving custom foil wrappers food bars are easy to transport and store. Aside from convenience and health benefits, the quick snack market continues to see growth and increase in product activity with an influx of recent trends. To keep up, brands are continuously developing new flavours, organic and ‘free-from’ options to appeal to a wider range of consumers.

As well as granola and breakfast bars, other types of food bars and increasing in popularity with fast-paced consumers – nutrition, energy, performance, and fibre – to name a few.

So whether your selling breakfast bars for the daily commuters or performance bars for fitness fanatics, Labelnet can produce stunning bespoke labels suitable to your every need!

Benefits of Foil Wrappers

At Labelnet we understand that packaging has a major influence on brand value and your packaging design can often affect a customer’s final decisions. These are just a few reasons why custom wrappers are the perfect packaging for food bars.

Foil wrappers offer many benefits for your business and your customers, such as:

  • Product security and freshness
  • Packaging appeal
  • Portability
  • Easy to open

Materials and Sizes

Not only can we print fantastic, high-quality foil wrappers, but we also have the capabilities to produce film and paper wrappers to best suit your product and packaging design.

At Labelnet we offer materials and substrates that are specifically designed for flexible packaging in order to create your desired foil wrappers in a range of shapes and sizes. These airtight foil wrappers protect the product from spoiling or tampering and can help to maintain the longevity of the freshness of the product. As you are packaging a food product, it’s highly important to understand that the material must be safe for food contact. With over 20 years in the label and packaging industry, Labelnet is aware of the latest packaging regulations and will ensure that your wrappers meet the required standards.

Below are a few types of flexible packaging examples:

Foil Wrappers: Available in metalised silver film or paper, the reflective foil adds eye-catching shine and visual appearance to wrappers. Ideal for products that are also sold separately.

Paper Wrappers: A more cost-effective yet durable method that works well with a range of food products.

Film Wrappers: Providing a more high-end appearance, the film works with a variety of products and is often the ideal choice for products with a ‘slippery’ texture.

We’re also pretty proud of our cutter library spanning over 2000 shapes and sizes. We are confident that you’ll find the right shape and size you’re looking for, if not, we’ll be more than happy to order in a new cutter that meets your food wrappers needs perfectly.

To find out more, please call the team for more information on 01277 364964.

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