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Flexo Printing

As part of our label manufacturing process, we’ve invested in a range of exceptional pieces of flexographic label printers which are perfect for large volume Flexo labels, using CMYK colours.

Flexo label printing operates similar to a giant rubber stamp, with each label requiring a plate to be set up prior to production. The plate has raised rubber moulds which display the desired artwork, with ink then applied to the raised areas which then rotate on a cylinder at high speeds to transfer the image to the label substrate. If you want your labels to compete with the competition, choosing Labelnet as your label manufacturer will guarantee you the highest quality labels needed to stand out from the crowd.

Our Flexo Printers

Edale FL3

The Edale FL3 boasts market-leading levels of automation, including autonomous inking impression and register and the FL3’s unique print head design. This design ensures print time is cut down to a minimum, whilst still retaining the highest quality graphic.

By investing in this quality piece of machinery, Labelnet has been able to improve our productivity, reduce waste and increase print quality, whilst being able to print high volume orders at a cost-effective price. Equipped with an automated finishing system, this Flexographic Printer produces labels with an industry-leading print quality with CMYK colours.

Our 8 colour flexographic full servo press, allows us to print labels with up to 8 colours in a range of printing options and finishes, including:

  • Laminating
  • Foiling
  • Printing on the reverse or adhesive side
  • Multi web
  • Hole-punched
  • Die-cutting
  • Texturing and many more

All options are available for label rolls, sheets or fan-folds.

Flexo Printing Press
label printing

Nilpeter FA 2500

The Nilpeter FA 2500 is an exceptional piece of equipment and is regarded as the most versatile flexo press on the market. Designed around modern press operators and designed to accommodate demanding labelling needs, the printer boasts a modular and flexible design which maximises efficiency and performance. To top it off, the concept is based on a “Clean-Hand” design, whereby the minimal hands-on interaction allows for clean hands during press operation.

This flexographic printer has enabled Labelnet to deliver optimal efficiency with extremely high quality, whilst still offering us the flexibility to run a wide range of tasks ranging from classic labels to film, and flexible packaging. Other features of the Nilpeter FA 2500 include:

  • 6 colour UV Print
  • IR camera
  • Laminating
  • Rotary die-cutting

Why choose Flexographic printing?

Flexographic label printing may not be new technology, but it’s incredibly efficient. And the beauty of flexographic printing is in the ability to process medium and high output levels, meaning it’s the ideal solution for label orders ranging from 2000 – 1,000,000 units. Our flexo printers, in particular, provide excellent, high-quality labels for large quantity orders, printing up to 8 colours and offering various options such as laminating,  foiling and die-cutting. Thus you’re getting exactly what you need, at the most cost-effective price.

There are many reasons why you should consider flexographic printing for your labels:

  • Able to process very high volume orders
  • CMYK colours
  • Lower costs
  • Fast printing
  • Fast-drying inks

Our Labelnet Team

In addition to label manufacturing, the handling and running of machines is highly skilled work and requires team-work and knowledge to get a job ready to print and professionally finished before it’s ready for dispatch and on its way to you.

Our combination of expertise and technology has created a first-class production team printing high-quality flexo labels, which is something we are proud of. You can rest assured that by choosing Labelnet for your flexo label needs, you’ll only be receiving the best service, using industry-leading machines and quality materials.

For more information on our label manufacturing process, call the team today on 01277 364964, or send a query using the buttons below.