Self Adhesive Labels

Labelnet are a label manufacturer of self adhesive labels on reels, sheets and continuous fan-fold to suit your every need. Whether it’s food labels, cosmetics or children’s sticker sheets, we’ve got a solution for you. Our staff are friendly and experts in the field and trained to find the labels you need for orders of all sizes and specifications. With years of experience available to every brief, we will always deliver a high standard of service and exceptional results.

Label Printing

Printed labels are crucial to the identification of products, and can sometimes be the main reason why a customer chooses your product over a competitor’s. That might be down to its design, font or authenticity, so how it looks is a major consideration.

In essence, labels communicate your brand’s message to a potential new market and continue to communicate that message to others including brand advocates. As such, product labels act as a key element in representing your brand, be it food and beverages to pharmaceuticals.

At Labelnet, we manufacture adhesive labels on reels, sheets and fan-fold to suit your every need. Whether you require food labels, cosmetics labels or children’s sticker sheets, we’ve got a solution for you. We believe the key to producing high-quality labels, tickets, tags and packaging is the combination of a skilled production team with the best print and converting technology available.

Recyclable Wineglass Labels

Traditionally, wineglass labels are developed from a mix of laminate and thermal paper, making them non-recyclable. However, we have specifically designed and developed a high strength, flexible, plastic film which is 100% recyclable and doesn’t break or scuff during transportation. Therefore not only are you able offer your customers an environmentally friendly alternative to what’s currently on the market, but you can also rest assured that your labels will be in pristine condition when they arrive to you and go out to supermarkets.

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Artwork & Design

Labelnet ensure the highest quality by maintaining tight control of all artwork and plates used for the production of our products.

Artwork – At our disposal, we have two high quality design teams. They work closely with us- and with you- to help ensure that the end result is the best possible. Most of the time our customers bring their own design, pretty much ready for printing, but occasionally they need bespoke artwork to be created from scratch, we have the facility to cater for all requirements.

Pre-Press and Plate Making. The world of label printing and production is ever evolving and developing in so many areas. At Labelnet we’ve chosen to outsource our plate-making work to two of the top plate-making specialists in the country to ensure that the plates are produced using the latest technology to get the best quality possible. This allows us to focus our attention and resources on ensuring the print presses are running to the highest quality possible.

Label Applications

Here at Labelnet, we understand that when it comes to delivering exceptional results, the application of our labels is just as important as the print quality.

We have the experience and knowledge of high speed label application and can use our technical expertise to ensure that your label design not only complements your product and its branding, but also works in harmony with your chosen applicator.

Addressing the Application of Your Labels

Our specialist knowledge and equipment has created millions of labels suitable for high speed application. We know the problems that can arise in a production line and work with our customers to address these in our production. Common issues can include:

  • Label curling
  • Liner snapping
  • Bubbling
  • The label lifting or dropping off
  • The label getting caught in the labelling machine
  • The label not sticking to the product correctly

It goes without saying that poorly applied labels can leave your product looking inferior, which will affect its ability to stand out from its competitors and, over time, could have a negative impact on your overall branding.

What We Do

If you’re concerned that your current labelling techniques and processes are not producing the best results, help is at hand. We are specialists in creating labels that are suitable for high speed application.

Our team has over 15 years’ experience in designing and producing labels for automatic labelling. We invest heavily in the latest technology to keep our processes fast, efficient and cost-effective, and as members of the BPIF who are fully compliant with ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 standards, you can rest assured we have extensive knowledge of not only the latest high speed label application techniques, but also of the legislation governing the industry.

Our experts are always available to provide bespoke automatic labelling solutions, but remember, we’re also able to guide our customers through the entire labelling process. From the initial design through to production and the final application, you can rely on Labelnet for advice and support at every stage of your project.

For more information on the extensive range of label application services on offer, please contact our team directly on 01277 364964.

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