Product Sleeves

If it is bespoke printed cardboard sleeves you are looking for – Labelnet have the very latest technology to help your vision come to life.

Product sleeves are incredibly versatile and a cost effective way of promoting your product while giving important product information and protection. Our printed product sleeves provide a flexible packaging solution to maximising your branding and add a premium look to your product.

Product Sleeve Printing

A sleeve wraps round 4 sides of a trapezoid shaped carton or tray and is a great way to enhance a product. This form of packaging can be an economic way of presenting your products. One of the main advantages of folding sleeves over rigid boxes is that they can be supplied flat, saving transport and storage costs.

Product sleeves are the perfect solution or various applications such as over cardboard boxes, food trays and tubs or for promotional multipacks.

We can produce an array of full colour printed sleeves or trays including sleeves for boxes, shrink wrapped foods and tubs. They can be supplied die-cut from a flat material for a precise finished and mechanically creased to avoid cracking on the edges  making it easy for the product to be assembled. Alternatively, there is an option to have them pre-glued.

Materials and Finish

Our printing technology and processes allow us to offer exceptional print quality with CMYK colours, in up to 8 colours to suit all of you product printing needs.

Other printing features include:

  • Laminating
  • Foiling
  • Printing on reverse or adhesive side
  • Multi web
  • Hole-punched
  • Die cutting
  • Texturing
  • Super Gloss Varnish
  • Matt Laminate and many more

Product sleeves can be produced with an extensive variety of materials including recycled, uncoated and textured card as well as card suitable for refrigeration.

Our expert team can provide assistance in producing cutter guides and guidance for artwork design that incorporates interlocking or glued flaps to support easy assembly of the finished sleeve. One of our team would be delighted to offer you any help or guidance on product sleeves – just give us a call on 01277 364964 or email us at

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