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Honey Jar Labels

Honey jar labels have never looked so good thanks to the variety of decorative options available. Bring your design ideas to life using unique and creative detailing that helps patterns jump out on the shelf and create embossed lettering for a premium finish. After spending so long perfecting your great tasting honey, invest in labels for honey jars so you not only have a honey that tastes good, but looks great in its jar too!

Having been producing honey jar labels for over 20 years, we can work with you to create stunning honey jar labels that highlight what makes your brand the best and catch the eye of passing consumers. With so many condiments on the shelf to look at, going the extra mile to add some texture and decorative finishes to condiment labels can go a long way, separating you from your competitors and drawing the eye of new customers.

Stand Out Unique Honey Jar Labels

Unlike many other company’s honey jar labels, our option to create embellished labels can help give you the competitive edge you needed. We continue to invest into the latest state of the art embellishment machinery so you can take your honey labels up a notch with premium finishes that will make your labels more eye-catching than ever before.

Our Flexo press machine can create a wide range of finishes which give your personalised honey jar labels the edge whilst our Digicon Series 3 lets you to unleash your creativity by adding the perfect additional extras for a touch of luxury.

Premium Labels for Honey Jars

Our honey jar labels do not compromise on quality, plus they’re durable, waterproof, and resistant to hot and cold temperatures so you can be sure that they will not wilt or come away easily while storing your honey. Whether your honey is heading to stores, local markets or being sold online, knowing that your labels are designed to last will give you peace of mind that quality won’t be lost.

We’ve seen many consumers keep their empty honey jars as quirky decorative pieces around the home or to hold flowers and other things; if you choose high-quality honey jar labels, this will guarantee you long lasting exposure as a business.

When you get new honey jar labels, we’ll work alongside you to provide honey labels that align with your expectations and include special touches that are reflective of your brand and ethos. For example, if you have an organic honey, we can help encapsulate that into the label design.

Indeed, the team at Labelnet take the time to get to know your brand and thoroughly research your market to get a clearer idea of what your customers are looking for so we can fully form an idea based on this. From the colours and shapes to small touches such as font designs and embellishments, no stone is left unturned.

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Order Personalised Honey Bottle Label Samples

With our leading combination of experienced team members and ongoing investment into the latest digital printers, press and finishing machines, we are sure we will create labels that exceed your expectations. We print embellished honey labels for you by the roll so you can speed up your processes whilst promoting your new product image for a competitive edge. With such fierce competition on the shelves and online, give your honey jar labels the wow factor that can make a difference.

To kick-start the process, get in touch today to find out how we can help your brand enhance its approach to creating embellished honey labels. From the initial brainstorming stage through to you receiving your delivery, we will work with you at every step to ensure you receive the very best honey labels. To get a feel of the personalised honey jar labels you could have for yourself, request a sample pack to get a better idea of the different options and finishes to visualise how they would look. We’re on hand to offer any advice you should need or clear up any queries you may have so please reach out; we’d love to hear from you.