Peel Reveal

Multi Layer Labels

Peel and read labels are perfect for displaying additional product information without compromising the aesthetic of your product. Here at Labelnet, we are able to produce high quality, affordable multi layer labels in a fantastic range of shapes, sizes and designs to perfectly complement the aesthetics of your brand. Contact us today to discuss your requirements and to request a free sample pack of the peel and reveal labels we can create.

What Can Peel and Reveal Labels Be Used For?

Multi layer labels are the ideal choice for products that need to deliver a significant amount of information within a limited space. Peel and reveal labels can display many different types of information for promotional and compliance purposes and even offer an excellent way to showcase another product under your brand. The options with peel and read labels are really only limited by your imagination.

Put simply, peel and read labels make your product work harder. Of course, it’s common for companies to use the extra space provided by multi layer labels for ingredient lists and environmental and nutritional information, but they can be used in so many other ways.

Adding money-off vouchers or collectable tokens to peel and reveal labels is a brilliant way to make the most of all the extra space available and offering such great incentives has been proven to encourage customer loyalty and retention. We have even worked with companies to include jokes and stories on the reverse of multi layer labels, which is a fantastic way to help customers to connect on a personal level with your brand.

Our multi layer labels are also perfect for food products and are used to convey all kinds of useful information to consumers, including mini recipe ideas and alternative cooking instructions that will encourage them to use your food product in different ways. Using peel and read labels could lead to an increase in sales as your customers discover just how diverse your product is.

Enhance Your Design With Peel and Read Labels

When choosing peel and read labels, you are at least doubling the amount of space that you have to work with on your product without compromising on its design and layout. This allows you to include supporting text or visuals that add to the customer’s purchasing experience that you might otherwise have to go without.

At Labelnet, we are different from other multi layer label manufacturers in that we have a fantastic team of in-house designers to create the design for you. Our designers are well experienced in creating peel and reveal labels for a multitude of different brands. We will make sure that every aspect of the multi layered digital labels is maximised to its full potential, and that the overall design complements your product and brand. Every extra pixel gained from our peel and read labels is treated as precious, making the most of a great branding opportunity.

Thanks to our peel and reveal labels, you can make your product labels as attractive as possible while still meeting compliance requirements for your industry. It also ensures that important information, such as allergens or warnings, can be displayed boldly and prominently for your customers to easily identify.

The extra label space could also be host to multi-lingual instructions, encouraging sales to a wider demographic – the possibilities really are endless with Labelnet’s multi layer labels.

Exceptional Quality Peel and Read Labels from Labelnet

We strive for perfection at Labelnet and are consistently looking for ways to improve our service so that our clients continue to receive the best multi layer labels the industry has to offer. As leading multi layer label manufacturers with over 20 years’ experience in the industry, you can trust us for the best results.

Thanks to our cutting-edge hybrid Edale FL3 press, which is housed at our own factory in Essex, you can be confident that your multi layered digital labels will be of an exceptional quality. What’s more, your order will be turned around quickly and efficiently each and every time you buy from us.

Our peel and read labels are available in a choice of high-quality coated materials and are resistant to a wide range of temperatures as well as conditions such as moisture and condensation, making them ideal for use as drinks labels. The different layers are secured with a light coating of glue which makes it easy for customers to open the multi layer labels out to read and neatly stick back down once finished. If you want to see the quality for yourself, request a free sample pack of our peel and reveal labels and we’ll send it out to you without delay.

Benefits of Our Multi Layered Digital Labels

Because we use the most up-to-date and innovative machinery to create multi layered digital labels, we can offer a great range of options to help you create the perfect peel and reveal label for your brand.

peel and reveal label
redeem label
  • Great material choice for peel and reveal labels to suit your product
  • A wide range of shapes and sizes – thousands of pre-made cutters in stock! Wide range of colour choices available to perfectly match your brand identify
  • Peel and reveal labels in a choice of reseal options with no sticky residue
  • Our peel and reveal labels can be made for flat and curved products
  • We can create relatively small runs of multi layer labels, perfect for promotional offers and seasonal branding

Contact Labelnet, Leading Multi Layer Label Manufacturers

For more information, or to order samples of our high quality peel and read labels, please contact one of our sales representatives on 01277 364964. A friendly Labelnet representative will be more than happy to assist you with your query and will even be able to help you think of new and imaginative ways to utilise our multi layer labels within your product range.

Multi Layer Labels FAQs

Multi layer labels consist of two or three label layers with the same footprint of a single-layer booklet label. The different layers give you more space to add more important information about your product.

If you’d like to see our multi layer labels for yourself before placing an order, by all means you can order a sample today. Just fill in a few details and we will send you a sample pack in the post ASAP.

We offer a range of styles which will work best for your brand. Our partners have worked very closely with artisan food and drinks and therefore understand the market and know how to succeed in it. From craft papers to hot foiled embellishments, getting the label design right is as important as what’s inside the product. A label sells your product and helps establish your brand – so going the extra mile on a professional, high quality label design can completely transform the look of your cans, jars and bottles.

  • Digital press. Our state of the art Digital Press prints the highest native resolution on the market and has abilities to transform your labels.
  • Our Flexographic machinery are excellent for high quality labels being printed in large quantities printing up to 8 colours and offering various options.
  • Embellishment press. Our state of the art embellishment press creates the most luxurious labels on the market with effects such as hot foiling, screen printing and embossed finishes taking labels to the next level.
  • Finishing machine. Our Finishing machines are just as important as the printing presses as they add the magic touches to your labels