multi layer labels

Multi Layer Labels

Perfect for displaying additional product information

Multi layer labels are the ideal choice for products that need to deliver a significant amount of information within a limited space. Multi layer labels can display many different types of information for promotional purposes and are an excellent way to showcase another product under your brand. When choosing peel and read labels, you are doubling the amount of space you have to work with on your product without compromising on its design and layout, allowing you to include supporting text or visuals that add to the customer’s purchasing experience.
Put simply, double layer labels make your product work harder. Adding money-off vouchers or collectable tokens to peel and read labels is a brilliant way to make the most of all the extra space available, and offering such great incentives has been proven to encourage customer loyalty and retention.

Exceptional quality ‘peel and read’ labels from Labelnet

Our multi layer, peel-able labels are perfect for food products and are used to convey all kinds of useful information to consumers, including mini recipe ideas and alternative cooking instructions that will encourage them to use your food product in different ways. This extra label space could also be host to multi-lingual instructions, encouraging sales to a wider demographic – the possibilities really are endless with Labelnet’s multi layer labels. We strive for perfection at Labelnet and are consistently looking for ways to improve our service so that our clients continue to receive the best multi layer labels the industry has to offer. Thanks to our cutting-edge Edale FL3 press, which is housed at our own factory in Essex, you can be confident that your double layer labels will be of an exceptional quality and your order will be turned around quickly and efficiently each and every time you buy from us.

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