Wineglass Labels

Wineglass labels get their name from their untraditional shape. Rather than being for wineglasses (an understandable misconception!), wineglass labels are a labelling solution for food products that are sold in netted bags. Commonly this type of labelling is used for fresh produce such as onions, satsumas and garlic but is also used for bagging wrapped individual portions of cheese or confectionery.

Wineglass labels are an inexpensive method of labelling packaging. They allow branding and key information to be added in a cost-effective manner. This method uses a very small metal clip which is attached to the netting and is very eye catching against the simple packaging.

A wide variety of different materials can be chosen for your custom printed labels, all of which can be printed double sided if required. Wineglass labelling tends to be incredibly durable and resistant from moisture and tears. This is a flexible option which can be printed in a variety of different shapes and sizes depending on your preferences.

Commonly those using this method use the reverse of the label for information about the product itself and the front utilises a more decorative design, communicating the main product selling points and branding to catch the eye of customers. For labels which require more information, multi layer labels and peelable designs are helpful options for adding further details into such a small area.

Are Wineglass Labels Recyclable?

As leading label manufacturers in the UK, we are always on the lookout for innovative new packaging options to give our customers eco-friendly options. Labelnet are big advocates of taking small steps to reduce environmental impact so are always on hand to help you out with alternative options.

We are pleased to announce our latest launch, recyclable wineglass labels!

Traditionally, wineglass labels are developed from a combination of laminate and thermal paper, which makes them non-recyclable. The Labelnet team have been working hard to design a 100% recyclable wineglass label which keeps its high strength and flexible properties. Not only will you be offering your customers an environmentally friendly alternative to many competitors on the market, but you can be rest assured that the labels will not break or scuff during transportation. From production through to transport, and supermarkets through to arriving in your customers home, the labels will remain in pristine condition.

Main Benefits of our Recyclable Wineglass Labels

  • Less impact on the environment due to better materials being chosen
  • Helping your customers to recycle 100% of their packaging rather than it going to waste
  • Easily adaptable with your current printer
  • Gives you an upper hand which your competitors are not offering
  • High strength flexible plastic film which will not get damaged in transit
  • Specifically designed to clip to netted bags without cracking
  • Good quality print and professional gloss finish

On top of being an ethical option which makes a positive change for the environment, we have developed our recyclable wineglass labels to clip to netted bags without creasing down the middle.  Due to the durable materials used to develop the labels, they are strong so can easily be used by customers to lift and carry their netted produce.

Recyclable wineglass labels can be used as food labels across a wide variety of grocery products to offer a more sustainable packaging option. You will often see fresh fruit and vegetables in the supermarket come in netted bags, such as oranges, lemons, onions and garlic. You may or may not have noticed that as of recently, it is also becoming a more popular label option for netted bags of cheese and confectionery products.

Is the printing process affected by recyclable wineglass labels?

Changing printing methods can sometimes be an inconvenience that may seem like more effort than it is worth. Our transition to recyclable wineglass labels causes very little disruption and we aim to make the process as smooth as possible for your business.

The printing process begins with creating the base design using our top of the range Flexo labels press, after which our customers will typically use their own printers for the direct thermal print which prints barcodes/ expiry dates onto the labels. For our new recyclable wineglass labels, printing can still be carried out on most existing printers with the addition of a thermal transfer printed technique, rather than direct thermal print. For more information on this, see our thermal labels page.

Our Labelnet team always help implement the best approach for your requirements. We will make the process as quick and easy as possible so you and your team can go about your duties as normal. Talk to one of our experts today about switching from non-recyclable to recyclable wineglass labels.

Will Recyclable Labels Affect Print Quality?

The short answer is no! There is no doubt that your new recyclable wineglass labels will be vibrant and professional. Printed on a one-of-a-kind substrate, quality is never overlooked with Labelnet.

We offer bespoke sizing so you can pick the best size and shape for your requirements, even circular labels. Our most popular size is 39mm x 161.925mm but we understand that it can be tricky to visualise how your labels can look without visualising it in person. This is why we offer a free sample pack before you commit to a decision, or if you would rather see your own wineglass label design, then we can send you a bespoke pack for £40. Seeing and feeling the difference between a standard and recyclable wineglass label before ordering is a great way to ensure you have made the right decision.

The Labelnet team also consists of a team of talented designers who can help you create a bespoke design from scratch. Getting your wineglass label design right is important as the small space is all you have to portray your brand as the better option against your competitors.

Labelnet also understand how important it is to ensure the correct food labelling. Our technical sales division is highly trained to ensure that our customers’ labels are compliant with current UK food labelling legislation. You can be rest assured you’re working with a supplier that is familiar with all the latest rules and regulations within your sector.

Switching to Recyclable Wineglass Labels

The Labelnet team consists of experts in the field who are always on hand to help you find the perfect solution for your business. The opportunity to make an environmentally friendly change whilst maintaining high quality wineglass labels is a tough one to pass up on. To find out more about making the switch, get in touch with our team today.

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