Beer Labels

Brewers, it’s time for some beer labels that reflects the passion, precision and time that has gone into crafting a sensational beverage. With increasing competition in the UK crafts beer sector, there has been a peak of high quality, unique designs when it comes to beer labels. Your labels need to stand out like never before, thats where Labelnet in.

Our Labelnet designers are proficient when it comes to creating high-impact beer labels, that are not only durable, but long-lasting and made in accordance with all BRC packaging legislation. We also take extra care in ensuring beer labels are secured using adhesives that are water and temperature resistant, making them ideal for chilled goods. This ensures the best possible finish for each and every product.

Beer Can Labels

There has been a large shift from glass to can beer products in the last few years. Using the latest, innovative technology and the best quality materials, we have perfected our technique and can create fully customised labels for all purposes. We even provide a range of additional formatting options such as lamination, foiling and texturing. Get in contact to discus all of your options, we’re happy to help.


Neck Label, Back Label and Front Label

Your beer label design is first stop on your customers experience, wow them, ensure they know your product inside is just as good as what they see outside. The material your beer label is made from will also impact your customers perception of your brand, impressive quality indicates impressive beer. Labelnet only offer the highest quality labels for both bottle and can, so not to worry.

For beer bottles, whether plastic or glass, three different kinds of Labels exist for potential use- Neck, front and back labels.

Neck Label: As the name suggests, it’s the small label that can exist around the neck of a bottle. This is not essential but can add a premium feel.

Back Label: The most important label for providing the legal information necessary for your customers.

Front Label: Where you can have some fun! This label will sell your product so think carefully about your design and what your target customer will want to see.

Wrap-Around Label: This type of label combines both the front and back label into one.

Custom Labels

Make your craft beer shine on the shelf with a vibrant label to catch customers eyes. At Labelnet our custom labels are created from a wide range of high-quality, durable materials including textured paper, foil and synthetics.

Our beer can labels are produced on rolls rather than directly onto the can itself, as this is a more cost-effective method of branding your goods. Printing direct is generally quite expensive, whereas digital can label printing offers a flexible solution.

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