Beer Can Labels

Beer Can Labels

With over 2,500 breweries across the UK, it’s no wonder the beer industry is booming more than ever, with noticeable trends from a standard glass beer bottle to now more brewers opting for the trendier beer can label design with their own custom beer can labels.

To make your beer stand out on the shelf, they need beer labels that catch the eye and entice thirsty customers – something carefully designed beer can labels will easily do. Here at Labelnet, we can ensure that the time spent developing your new beer can label design is not wasted on a poor quality finish. We have extensive knowledge working within the drinks industry and printing high-quality labels for beer, ale, and cider manufacturers. Our team consistently look to move with the times and now offer eye-catching beer can labels.

With over 20 years label industry experience, we provide our customers with confidence when placing their label orders and make their custom beer can labels come to life.

Beer Bottle vs Beer Can Labels

When it comes to print production, there is no real difference between bottle labels or beer can label designs. They are both printed to the highest-quality on either our flexographic or digital press, available on a wide range of paper and polypropylene materials and produced on rolls (for either machine or manual application). The only major difference is the size and shape of the label as well as your design. With over 2,000 pre-made cutters in stock, we can save you time and money with our expert beer can label printing.

As to whether the beer tastes better drinking from a bottle or can…we’ll leave that to the experts.

Printing Can Labels vs Printing Cans

For many brewers, budget is limited when it comes to packaging, but no one wants to lack on quality or design, which is where having printable beer can labels can be an extremely cost-effective method of branding your beers. Using the latest digital print technology can make your beer can label design look as eye-catching and cool as having it printed directly onto the aluminium can itself. The benefit of labelling your beer cans is also being able to add luxurious embellishments or raised textures which you cannot do directly onto a can.

Opting for the method of printing directly onto your beer cans via screen printing is generally rather expensive for short runs, so not ideal for micro-brewers or any brewery on a limited budget.

What materials should I use for my custom beer can labels?

When applying labels to your beer cans, the conditions of the can will be both cold and wet after being filled via a wet-fill process with your delicious, crisp, beer. Therefore, it is vital with any beer can labels to have a waterproof material which withstands both cold temperatures and spillage. We recommend a polypropylene (PP) material with a strong, waterproof adhesive. This material comes in clear, white, or metallic colours which we can print to your specific requirements.

The metallic PP is a popular choice for giving your craft beer can labels a hot foil look without the expensive costs, or for a no-label look along with our translucent material. Whereas the white PP is great for a full colour, high impact print to create stunning craft beer can labels. We can also offer a technical solution if you are having issues with your labels during the canning process, using specialist under laminated materials which create a barrier between any moisture and your printable beer can labels. This will provide the high-quality finish you need for your product to stand-out on the shelves.

To see a selection of beer label samples please request your pack here.

With the rise in beer cans over beer bottles, it’s no wonder when you consider aluminium has such positive sustainable credentials. Did you know it only takes approximately 60 days for an aluminium can to be recycled, remanufactured, and then returned back into the retail environment.

Beer Can Label Sizes & Shapes

We often get asked ‘how big should my label be?’ Our answer: ‘How long is a piece of string?’

When it comes to choosing your label size and shape, you have great flexibility with cans as the bigger the can, the bigger your beer can label design can be. Some opt for a full 360-degree label to promote their beer, covering the aluminium can from top to bottom; others like a quirky shape to make their label completely unique. With our pre-made cutters already in stock, the ideal size may already be waiting for your custom beer can labels.  We have printed standard beer can labels of 210 x 100mm and 200 x 120mm, but we can print any label size and shape bespoke to you.

Have further questions? Please don’t hesitate to get in touch and we’ll assist in your request to provide the beer can label printing solutions you need.