Lager Labels

Lager Labels

In a world of many beer and lager brands, having your product stand out in a field of competitors can seem like a difficult prospect. Even if you have the best-tasting lager on the market today, it can be missed by potential customers with the lack of a great lager or beer label to promote it. Here at Labelnet, we can assist in helping lager brewers make the most of the potential that high-quality, premium lager labels bring.

You may already have a superb design ready to go, or perhaps you need further help developing your idea. At Labelnet we can assist from the research and idea stage to printing and delivering your finished lager can labels. Bring your designs to life with any special requirements you have for your lager labels, from raised letters to embossed patterns and more. With thousands of pre-made cutters in stock to help you choose the perfect shape and size, you can create the exact look and feel of lager can and bottle labels you’ve been looking for. Enquire today and get a quote for your label printing requirements.

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Labels for Lager Cans and Bottles

Where both lager bottles and cans have their obvious differences, the approach to printing labels for them is similar. Both need highly adhesive and waterproof labels that will not easily come away or wilt at the sign of any moisture. They also both have to deal with cold temperatures in fridge storage, so the labels need to react accordingly to their environment. Our lager can labels and bottle labels equally stay strong and durable to moisture and cold, with the adhesive used staying unaffected after application.

The main difference between labels for your bottles or cans is that with lager bottles you have the option of a neck label. Whilst not essential, this is an opportunity to add further design or information you wish to contain on the bottle. For cans, a simple wrap-around design is perfect to fit everything you need around the can. If you are keeping the design simple, then you can choose to have one front label for both bottle and cans – it’s entirely up to you how you want the labels to look and the information you want to include.

Label Printing Options for Lager Can Labels

A popular choice for many brewers is an aluminium can for their delicious lager or a roll of printed labels that can then be applied to the can, being options. The most cost-effective of these two options is to print a roll of lager labels, which is what we offer here at Labelnet. Whilst having your cans printed on directly is used by many large brewers of alcoholic and soft drinks, for micro-brewers it can be expensive, especially for a small batch of labels. Choosing printed labels like ours provides many more additional benefits along with reduced production costs. Embellishments can be added such as raised lettering, patterns, or textures, which really adds to the premium look of your product.

Lager Label Materials

Along with the shape and size of your lager labels, which we can assist you with thanks to our range of over 2,000 pre-made cutters, you can choose the type of material you want your lager label to be printed on. This includes polypropylene (PP) which we recommend thanks to its waterproof properties and resistance to cold temperatures.

Polypropylene can be provided as clear labels, white labels, or metallic labels. Depending on the look you want to achieve for your lager can labels, each one provides something different; white PP is perfect for printing highly visual and bright colours that stand-out. Clear PP provides a no-label look, where you can have translucent aspects in your label design, whereas metallic PP provides a shimmer to your labels that you may prefer.

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Lager Can Labels the Way You Want

How your finished design looks on your lager cans or bottles is ultimately up to you; we provide the tools to achieve the perfect label to your exact requirements. Thanks to our state-of-the-art machinery including digital printers, presses and finishing machines, you’ll easily achieve the great looking lager labels you’ve been looking for. Speak to us today to find out more about an order you want to place and receive a quote for your lager labels.

Want to see samples before ordering? You can request a sample pack here and see the quality finish in our labels before proceeding. We look forward to hearing from you and developing your lager label ideas into an eye-catching product that gives your brand a competitive edge.