Bottled Spirits Labels

Bottled Spirits Labels

Labels for bottled spirits such as gin lables, vodka labels and whiskey labels have to look great on the store shelf. As well as this they must also be eye-catching on the back wall of a bar to get a customer’s attention. Today’s consumers have an abundance of choice, and today’s spirit brands face a high level of shelf competition. The right label can differentiate your brand to create a lasting impression with your customer. We can offer premium textured materials, or clear see-through materials to make your labels stand out from your competitors. Whether it is labels for gin, rum or more, we can help you to get the best quality available.

Bold, distinctive and unique to your brand, bottle labels can communicate your brand’s story. With our state-of-the-art printing facilities, Labelnet is proud to offer professional-standard custom bottle labels for a range of branding projects. With several brands out there on the market, you must stand out. With multiple-layer labels and front and back labels, you can have all the information you need. Everyone knows your labels need to showcase the branding. But there is also more information, such as units and ingredients, that need to be visible. We are aware of all the necessary regulations for our self adhesive labels, which will help you to keep them safe.


Gin bottle labels have never looked so good thanks to the variety of decorative options available. Bring your design ideas to life with unique labels.


We are on hand to help you create your preferred label shape and design with the best materials, for your rum labels to burst with brand personality.


By taking your tequila bottle labels to the next level, gain a competitive edge by separating yourself from the other brands on the shelf with vibrant labels.


Whether your brand needs to catch the eye on a bar shelf or in the supermarket, having a high-quality vodka label is a must in today’s market.


Whether you’re looking to showcase your award-winning scotch or run a family-run whiskey brand, we print quality labels to compliment your bottles.

A Quality Spirits Label

Whether you want a vintage look, a minimalist boldness or original illustrations, we can accommodate your needs. Some designs include:

  • Unique, creative bottle shapes that are eye-catching
  • Transparent labels that create a minimalist or no-label look to show off the contents of your bottle
  • Label materials with a unique texture that feels good to touch
  • Decorative labels on foil to add glimmering label elements

At Labelnet, our team of designers are proficient when it comes to creating high-impact bottle labels for drinks. Each of our labels for gin bottles is not only durable but long-lasting and made following all BRC packaging legislation. We also cater to gin, vodka, whisky and rum to make your products stand out from the rest. Whether you are looking for glossy or textured labels, we can help you get the branding perfect every time.

We also take extra care to ensure bottle labels are secured using adhesives that are water and temperature resistant, making them ideal for chilled goods. This allows us to achieve the best possible finish for every product.

“The Labelnet team worked really hard to deliver our gin labels in a very tight window and got the order out on time, never causing Karen to worry.  They saved us both time and money and gave ideas for improvements throughout.”

Founder, Kingdom Gin

Our Label Printing Methods

Here at Labelnet, we have many different printing methods. This allows us to create labels for gin bottles and other spirits that you can be proud of. We understand the importance of quality and work to achieve this across the board. Some of the printing methods we have at Labelnet include:

Digital Printing– This is a digital print press that allows for greater control on all prints. It also provides the ability to create photographic-quality graphics as well as crisp text and bright colours. When designing spirit labels you want your brand to stand out. This is because there are several different variants. By making your spirit labels as high quality as possible you are helping yours to stand out from the competition. Due to the alcohol market being saturated, creating labels that stand out is crucial. This is because high-quality textured labels can give your brand a premium look. Couple this with a great tasting drink and you are sure to see an increase in sales.

Flexo Press– In addition to our digital printing capabilities, we also have Flexo press printing machines. These provide a wide range of different finishes for labels for gin bottles and other spirits.

We have several printing options for you to help make your brand stand out. Our machines include the following:

bottled gin

The Edale FL3– This is one of the world’s leading automated printing devices. With precision at every stage, this allows us to mass-produce textured labels with the best quality. This style of print uses CMYK colours to create a vivid final label for any product. This machinery allows us to print in 8 colours as well as provide the following finishes:

  • Foiling
  • Die-cutting
  • Texturing
  • Laminating
  • Printing within the adhesive.

These are just some of the printing options available to you should you decide you want textured labels for your products.

bottled spirits

Digicon Series 3– when you need embellishments that can turn heads, our brand new Digicon Series 3 digital printer will ensure the finished look is eye-catching and feels great to touch. Providing luxury textured labels that feature embossed logos or text, you’ll get the premium quality that customers will look for on the shelves. This printer is provided by AG Graphic who are market leaders in print machinery and technology, with it primarily designed to produce great quality beer, cider and spirit labels.

The Digicon Series 3 features:

  • 350mm wide print
  • 4 colour UV Flexo print capability
  • Embossing, hot foiling and screen printing
  • Die plate loading and un-loading
  • Accurate precision and time-saving auto functions

With all these printing options available to us, we can generate the best quality labels for your business. With labels for gin bottles and other spirits, we can help your product stand out. We have a wide range of sizes to help make your gin bottles and other spirits stand out on the shelves.

Get A Quote with Us

Getting a quote for your custom textured labels is easier than ever before. Simply fill in the online request form and we will handle the rest. We will take the information that you provide us and work to give you the best price possible. Each of our labels for gin bottles is competitively priced. This allows you to get the best out of your labels regardless of the shape of the bottle. With a wide range of finishes for a wide range of spirit labels, you can always enjoy high quality. Why not get in touch with us today and begin making your labels for gin bottles today.