Rum Labels

Bringing your creative spirit bottle label designs to life has never been so easy. Including tequila, rum, whiskey labels and gin labels, we are here to create the labels right for you. By utilising our combination of experienced team members and cutting edge machinery to create embellished rum labels, watch as you stand out from your competitors on a crowded shelf. We are on hand to help you find the exact colour match, create your preferred label shape and design the best font for your rum labels so your drinks labels burst with brand personality.

Whether you are looking for delicate spiced rum labels for distilleries with a traditional vintage design or are offering a contemporary product range with sleek embellished labels and simple typography, our flexible approach allows you to develop embellished rum labels tailored to your audience. Unlike some other labelling companies, our investment into advanced machinery means we have the ability to create different finishes and effects so you can pay attention to the small details to produce unbeatable high quality rum labels.

To get started on your journey to create personalised rum labels for your brand, request a quote from us to get one step closer to making your vision a reality.

Creating a Unique Rum Label Design

Show off the high quality of your delicious rum with embellished rum labels that match. With so many brand to compete with nowadays, creating rum labels for distilleries that stand out from the crowd and catch the eye of passers-by can give you the competitive edge. Being the first thing a consumer will see, your rum labels need to instantly highlight your key brand messaging and bring your brand image to life. To add the wow factor, here are some of the rum label design embellishments available to you:


Creates a 3D effect to a chosen section of your label, often to make the main text jump out or to highlight an image. This is a popular method for premium drinks as it is noticeable by the eye as well as touch.

Hot Foiling

Add metallic foil to selected areas of your rum labels to create a luxurious shimmer. Available in a wide range of colours including gold, silver, and copper, incorporate foiling for a head-turning finish.

Screen Printing

Leaves a thick, opaque, and glossy design with a tactile feel. This method is great for those looking to use bright and bold colours on their rum labels for distilleries. Screen printing is also commonly used to create braille printing.

Labelnet are a great company to work with. Always clear on timescales and competitive on prices. In fact Labelnet were superior on quality and cheaper on prices than my previous supplier.

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Sue, Bullion Rum

I needed labels printed quickly and Labelnet were superb in reacting to my demands and were able to supply a quality label within the tight time-frame. They will certainly be getting further orders.

Karen Thenga, Kingdom Recommends

High Quality Embellished Rum Labels

By considering every last detail, bring your brand to life. Creating bold colourful designs and eye-catching patterns on your rum label design will allow you to enhance your existing custom labels to portray your business in a more professional light. Our latest technology and investment into the best equipment takes standard labelling to the next level so you don’t have to worry about the quality of your rum labels for distilleries.

Style over substance is never an issue when working alongside the Labelnet team as we have trialled and tested many types of rum labels, offering the perfect solution which can withstand any condition it is likely to face. Fully waterproof, resistant to hot and cold temperatures and highly durable to stay intact and avoid peeling away at the edges, you will not have to worry about your rum labels getting damaged in transit. Some consumers love to keep attractive alcohol bottles as a home decoration so offering a stunning bottle could lead to a long term reminder of your delicious rum within households.

rum bottle

Expert Advice on Rum Labels for Distilleries

We will partner with you from day one to support you at every stage of your rum label designs. Offering friendly advice on the best approach for your industry and carrying out extensive research into the target market, create embellished rum labels that your customers will love. By continuing to stay up to date with any changes in industry regulations according to BRC packaging legislation, be sure that your rum labels are fully compliant without having to spend hours of your time researching.

Having worked with brands of all sizes, creating a embellished rum labels tailored to you is our speciality. We will discuss your design ideas and whether you want embellished rum labels so we can provide you with a quote within your budget and then get to work. With optional add-ons including metallic foil lettering, textured pattern finishing or embossed logos, there are no limits! If you’re lacking inspiration, we’ve been creating rum labels for distilleries for over 20 years so are happy to lend a hand and offer some advice, guiding on how to highlight your brand personality and show off your quality product to make heads turn as they walk past.

Getting Started on your Rum Labels

If you’re looking to get started on your rum label design, get in touch today so we can discuss your requirements and establish a plan. We will establish an agreed deadline so you are updated at every step of the way and can receive your embellished rum labels in a timely manner for the date you need them.

We understand that committing to a rum label design without seeing the finished piece can be concerning so we offer free sample packs so you can test out different options before making your decision.

By visualising different materials, sizes and finishes on your own rum bottles, get a better idea of how the final rum labels will look when attached to the bottles and make a more confident decision.

Rum Labels FAQs

To be in accordance with the law, any drink with at least 15% alcohol by volume is considered a spirit. The information needs to be clear and concise on the bottle label itself and should include the name and address of the bottler, the country of origin, the net volume in litres, centilitres or millilitres, and the alcohol by volume as a percentage and any allergy declarations. It’s also important to state the use-by date, however, if the alcohol content is above 10%, this isn’t a requirement. You should also always state the implications of drinking when pregnant or when drinking and driving by adding a please drink responsibly reminder and should never downplay the strength of your product.

You should also include any types of spirits and flavours of your rum. For example, white rum, dark rum, spiced rum etc. You can also include information such as the rarity of the rum and where it is made so that you can persuade your customer to buy yours over your competitors.

Always check the latest labelling law for spirits on the gov website:

Check out your competition before starting designing your rum bottle labels. Strong branding is always important to increase brand awareness and allow your customers to spot your product out of the crowd. Play with colours that compliment your brand and depict the type of rum and flavour that’s inside the bottle. Darker colours are more suited to dark rum and spiced run whereas lighter colours with dark accents may suit white rum. Images and typography can also be used to create the desired look for your brand and your product and help to paint a picture in your customers’ minds of what the drink will taste like and where your customer can drink it.

If you would like to discuss the option of having your label designed our partners can help create an eye-catching rum label design which will stand out on a shelf.