Tequila Bottle Labels

Catch the eye of shoppers with unique tequila labels that ooze luxury. By taking your tequila bottle labels to the next level, gain a competitive edge by separating yourself from the other brands on the shelf and entice new customers to try your delicious recipe.

At Labelnet, we have years of experience helping brands excel with stunning embellished labels that create decorative finishes which other label printers are not able to achieve. Our investments into the latest equipment means we can meet the trickiest of briefs and offer unique design ideas to help you promote your brand.

To enhance your existing labelling, request a quote from us today and get started on creating the embellished tequila labels that you’ve been envisioning.

One Of A Kind Embellished Tequila Labels

When you partner with our creative team, there are no limits! From luxury brands looking to achieve a sleek and expensive feel to quirky brands who love utilising bright, bold designs, we’ve got a solution for everyone. Both online and in stores, there are countless drinks labels around us so standing out is a necessity.

Through the combination of our flexo press machine which creates flawless finishes and our Digicon Series 3 which adds extra special detailing, we can help you take a step forward with embellished whiskey labels, rum labels, gin labels and tequila labels that portray your brand in the best possible light. Here are some of our favourite embellishments which are available for your tequila labels:

tequila bottle
  • Embossing
    Creates a premium looking 3D effect to a chosen section of your tequila labels, often to make the main text jump out or to highlight an image.
  • Hot Foiling
    Add metallic foil to selected areas of your tequila bottle labels to create a luxurious gold, silver or copper shimmer.
  • Screen Printing
    Leaves a thick, opaque, and glossy layer of paint which is ideal for creating bold colours. Screen printing is also commonly used to create braille printing.
  • Decorative Varnishes
    Use your choice of glitter, UV or luminous varnishes to create a unique finish which can then be varnished to create smooth and sleek tequila labels.

Guaranteed Quality From Your Tequila Labels

We take great pride in our work and only deliver quality tequila bottle labels that meet our high standards. The materials we use are durable, waterproof and resistant to hot and cold temperatures so you do not worry about their condition deteriorating or any peeling edges during their lifespan.

With every business having their own brand image, we work to find a solution that shows off your personality so your customers know exactly where to find you. From the shape of the label and colouring to smaller details such as letter spacing and additional embellishments, you are in control of how your embellished tequila labels look at every step of the way.

As well as the aesthetics, we are knowledgeable when it comes to industry regulation so you can be sure your tequila labels don’t face any compliance issues. We keep up to date with any changes in industry so all requirements for tequila labels are met according to BRC packaging legislation and contain all of the required information for spirit labelling.

Request Free Samples Of Tequila Bottle Labels

Your tequila bottle labels are a major part of your brand, enticing passers-by to purchase your product and creating the all-important first impression. Get your embellished tequila labels right first time by finding the best solution for your requirements and trialling out different options. To help you make the decision, feel free to request a free sample pack to test the quality for yourself and visualise how the tequila labels could look on your bottles.

Once you’ve picked out the best tequila bottle labels, we will get to work on printing your labels by the roll so you can keep well stocked at all times and meet popular demand. Whether you know exactly what you are looking for and are ready to make an order or are considering upgrading to embellished tequila labels but would like some professional advice, get in touch today to speak to a member of our expert team who will be more than happy to help.

Tequila Bottle Label FAQs

To be in accordance with the law, any drink with at least 15% alcohol by volume is considered a spirit. The information needs to be clear and concise on the bottle label itself and should include the name and address of the bottler, the country of origin, the use by date, the net volume in litres, centilitres or millilitres, and the alcohol by volume as a percentage and any allergy declarations.

You should also always add warnings including a ‘please drink responsibly’ reminder and should never downplay the strength of your product. It’s essential to add on the units of the bottle and to never drink when pregnant or driving.

Other information that you could add to your tequila bottle label to sway your customers into buying your product over the competition is recommended storage and drinking suggestions. E.g. straight or in a cocktail with the list of ingredients.

Always check the latest requirements needed to be shown on your labels to ensure the information is up to date with the latest UK regulations.

Check out your competition before starting to design your tequila bottle labels. Play with colours that compliment your brand and depict the type of tequila and flavour that’s inside the bottle. Images and typography can also be used to create the desired look for your brand and your product and help to paint a picture in your customers’ minds of what the drink will taste like and where your customer can drink it.

At Labelnet, we have a wide range of different materials including textured papers, transparent films and others that can entice your customers into trusting your brand and wanting to try your authentic product. We go the extra mile to ensure your colour, texture and design all come across in your ideal way and have partners who offer a full design service should you require help with this.