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Kombucha Labels

There has been a huge influx in the number of people introducing kombucha into their diets, with the numerous health benefits being an appealing prospect. With claims to help with the body’s digestion, boost the immune system and prevent the risk of certain health conditions, the natural ingredients are known for their powerful properties. As the popularity of kombucha continues to grow, so does the competition within the marketplace.

Here at Labelnet, we are on hand to enhance your kombucha label design for maximum impact on the shelf, grabbing the eye of consumers and helping you stand out from the rest. As well as kombucha labels, we can also help you with other health drinks such as CBD drinks or organic juices, establishing your target audience and creating custom labels that suit your brand image. Having worked with a wide variety of brands to produce eye-catching labels that utilise our advanced printing capabilities combined with additional embellishments, thinking outside of the box has never been so easy!

Bring Your Kombucha Label Design to Life

With over 20 years of experience producing high-quality labels, we pride ourselves on our continually high standards. Depending on the shape, size and material of your bottles, we can recommend the most suitable approach for your kombucha label design, helping you achieve that wow factor. By meeting the most difficult of packaging requirements, you can rest assured that your kombucha labels are designed to withstand the test of time and maintain their condition in the harshest of environments.

Depending on your personal requirements, we can produce kombucha labels in various materials so you can achieve the finish that you envisioned. Whether you’d prefer a sleek and sophisticated matt finish or a high-gloss shine, work with our team of in-house designers to get the most from your kombucha label design. Whatever your choice, we will ensure that your kombucha labels are coated to protect them from harsh conditions, avoiding water damage and peeling edges as they are kept in refrigerated conditions.

Luxury Finishes for Your Kombucha Labels

In such a competitive industry, it can be hard to grab that all-important market share. We’re here to help you achieve a competitive edge from your kombucha labels, taking them to the next level so you can entice new customers to try your product range out. We continue to invest in the latest machinery so we can produce unique effects that many other label printers cannot, adding that extra touch of luxury that can create a more premium feel.

  • Hot foiling
    Add a metallic finish to certain areas of your kombucha label design for a luxury shimmer. Whether you are looking to emphasise your brand name or any key messaging, choose from gold, silver or copper foiling.
  • Embossing
    Embossing creates a unique finish as it affects both the appearance and the feel of your kombucha labels, adding new textures which stand out on the shelf. This method is normally used to highlight a logo, image or main messaging by creating a 3D appearance.
  • Screen printing
    Being especially effective for brands who love bright and bold colours, screen printing uses thick, glossy paint which adds a level of texture to your design.
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Let’s Discuss Your Kombucha Label Design

If you’re looking to bring your vision to life, we’d love to hear from you! From the very first step, we aim to make the process as smooth and efficient as possible, being your one port of call throughout the entire journey so you can leave the hard work to us. From the initial kombucha label design stages through to the printing and receiving the final product to your doorstep, we’ll keep you updated along the way to ensure you are fully satisfied.

We appreciate that committing to a final kombucha label without seeing a physical sample can be stressful, so we’re more than happy to send out a free sample pack so you can test the quality for yourself. By being able to sit down with your team and visualise the different materials and finishes against your own packaging, the decision is made much easier so you can be confident that you’ve made the right one. If you’d like any further information or have any questions regarding your kombucha label design, do not hesitate to get in touch with our team today.

Kombucha Labels FAQs

Due to the fermentation process of kombucha, there is a small amount of alcohol present and the exact amount is a very important piece of information that needs to be clearly stated on kombucha labels. This percentage of alcohol determines whether your product is considered an alcoholic beverage or not and determines whether the drink is regulated. If your kombucha contains at least 0.5% alcohol by volume, it’s considered an alcoholic beverage.

As well as the alcoholic content of your kombucha drink (if above 0.5%), you should also clearly state:

  • The name or trade of the brewer
  • The net contents of the bottle
  • The nature of the product
  • The place of production, an official health warning regarding consuming alcohol when pregnant or driving.

Although there are many health claims around kombucha, the FDA states what you can and can’t state on the product label. You can make authorised health claims on the label as well as qualified health claims. Adding nutritional information is also required as with all other food and drink products.

More and more people are looking to buy kombucha, so it’s important you make your product stand out from the crowd. Do this by showing off your colours and creating labels that pop off the shelves. Full-colour label printing can help you achieve vibrant colours that can attract the attention of your customers and promote your product at the same time. Kombucha is known to have a host of natural benefits, so reinforce that on the label by explaining everything that goes into your drink and the main selling point whilst adhering to FDA guidelines.