Custom Wine Bottle Labels

If you’re like us, our instant reaction to a product is based on the label, and this goes for wine bottle labels too. It’s not just the brand name or winery location that can influence buyer decision. The look and design of the label is highly important.

When it comes to wine labels, there are many design aspects to consider. For example the curve of the bottle, the visibility of the brand name and ensuring that a label is communicating what the wine is, can be overwhelming. Not to mention they should include details such as producer, region, variety, vintage or non-vintage and Alcohol by Volume (ABV).

Incorporating all of the above whilst ensuring the label is distinct to your brand, but bold enough to stand out amongst the rest, is quite tricky. That’s why at Labelnet we develop bespoke wine bottle labels, to add a splash of sophistication to your products.

Suitable Materials

We understand that beverages are best served chilled. That’s why at Labelnet we offer waterproof and UV resistant polypropylene bottle and can labels for your brand!

Why not add a touch of luxury to your wine bottle labels with embossing or foiling? There are a multitude of reasons as to why you may consider foil printed labels for your wine bottles, most notably, they’re extremely eye-catching and will grab the attention of the customers in a supermarket setting.

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