Wine Labels

If you’re like us, our instant reaction to a product is based on the label and is especially true when it comes to wine labels. It’s not just the brand name or winery location that can influence buyer decision, especially when wine is one of the most gifted food and drink products in the world. Your wine needs to be perfectly presented, and so the look and design of wine label is highly important.

Here at Labelnet, we enjoy creating customised wine labels in the UK, for a wide range of clients from small local vineyards to wholesale producers. No matter whether your business is big or small, you still want to create an amazing impact so that your bottle stands out from the rest on the shelves.

We can provide you with help and advice at every stage of the wine label printing process, from designing wine bottle labels that really shout about what’s inside to including all the legally necessary components, including details such as producer, region, variety, vintage or non-vintage and Alcohol by Volume (ABV)… If this sounds overwhelming, don’t worry. With over 20 years’ experience in manufacturing self-adhesive wine bottle labels amongst an impressive product range, you’re in great hands. Need fantastic customised wine labels in the UK to suit your brand and budget? Get in touch with us today.

We’re Highly Experienced in Manufacturing Wine Bottle Labels

When it comes to wine labels, there are many design aspects to consider. For example, the curve of the bottle, the visibility of the brand name and ensuring that a label is communicating what the wine is, can be overwhelming. Our design and manufacturing team are greatly experienced in working around the nuances of wine bottle labels, and we work with you through the entire wine label printing process to ensure the finished self-adhesive wine bottle labels are aesthetically pleasing.

Incorporating all the above whilst ensuring the label is distinct to your brand, but bold enough to stand out amongst the rest, is quite tricky. That’s why at Labelnet we develop customised wine labels in the UK that add a splash of sophistication to your products.

The Best Materials for Self-Adhesive Wine Bottle Labels


Many wines are best served chilled, which is why at Labelnet we offer waterproof and UV resistant polypropylene wine labels. These materials are a fantastic choice because they withstand a range of temperatures and condensation – even if they’re put in an ice bucket!

Why not add a touch of luxury to your wine bottle labels with embossing or foiling? There are a multitude of reasons as to why you may consider foil printed self-adhesive wine bottle labels, most notably, they’re extremely eye-catching and will grab the attention of the customers in a supermarket setting.

There is a huge array of wines available in supermarkets and merchants, and our customised wine labels in the UK can help yours make a great first impression. Whatever you need, we can help. Our high-quality textured labels can give your brand a premium look. Couple this with a great tasting vintage and you are sure to see an increase in sales.

Contact Labelnet today to speak to a member of the team regarding our great value wine label printing services, on 01277 364964. You can also request a free sample pack of wine bottle labels and we’ll deliver it to you within just three days!

Wine Label Printing Methods at Labelnet

Our vast expanse of printing methods allows us to offer fantastic wine label printing options that showcase your vino in the very best way possible. We strive for the highest quality wine labels at every price point. In order to achieve this, we offer the following printing methods for customised wine labels in the UK:

Digital Printing: This is a digital print press that allows for greater control on all shapes, sizes and materials for wine bottle labels. It also provides the ability to create photographic-quality graphics as well as crisp text and bright colours to help your wine labels make the right impression.

Flexo Press: In addition to our digital printing capabilities, we also have Flexo press printing machines. These provide a wide range of different finishes for wine label printing.

Not sure whether digital printing or flexo press wine label printing? Don’t worry – we’re here to help. All you need to do is let us know the finished effect you’re looking for in your self-adhesive wine bottle labels – we’ll use the right technique to provide exactly that.

Our Impressive Machinery for Wine Label Printing

In order to achieve the highest quality results, we have invested in fantastic machinery that is capable of high-quality wine label printing with an extremely quick turnaround. Our machines include the following:

The Edale FL3– This is one of the world’s leading automated printing devices. With precision at every stage, this allows us to mass-produce textured wine labels with the best quality. This style of print uses CMYK colours to create vivid and eye-catching wine bottle labels. This machinery also allows us to offer you the following finishes:

  • Foiling
  • Die-cutting
  • Texturing
  • Laminating
  • Printing within the adhesive.

Digicon Series 3– when you need embellishments that can turn heads, our brand new Digicon Series 3 digital printer will ensure the finished look is eye-catching and feels great to touch. Hot foiling is used for parts of text or images to give a shiny or bright eye-catching, metallic finish for your product. Providing luxury textured labels that feature embossed logos or text, you’ll get the premium quality that customers will look for on the shelves with this state-of-the-art machine.

  • 350mm wide print
  • 4 colour UV Flexo print capability plus embossing
  • Hot foiling to create a decorative or metallic finish
  • Screen printing to create thick, opaque images or text

With these printing options available to us, we can generate the best quality labels for your business. When it comes to high-quality self-adhesive wine bottle labels, we can help your bottle stand out.

Contact Us for Customised Wine Labels in the UK Today!

At Labelnet, we offer exceptional customer service to every single client, and we truly go the extra mile to make sure you get wine labels that you’re really proud of. To find out more about our design, manufacturing, and wine label printing services, get in touch with the team today.