Frozen Foods

Frozen food labels are much more than just aesthetic branding pieces. Primarily, frozen food labels are information sheets, that efficiently provide your customers with all the relevant and necessary information that answers their questions, as well as highlighting why your products are better than your competitors.

The need for frozen food labelling

When it comes to food labelling in general, it is vital that the labels are doing their job properly and detailing vital information regarding ingredients, potential allergens and storage. But when it comes to frozen food labels it’s highly important that they display correct cooking instructions to ensure optimal results.

Our aim when printing bespoke food labels is to provide your existing and prospective customers with a well-presented product that validates food facts to give them peace of mind.

How Does Labelnet Adhere to Labelling Legislation

At Labelnet, our 20 plus years within the industry has exposed us to changes in food labelling legislation, and we ensure that we are up to date with the latest requirements in order to provide our customers with accurate food labels that meet the correct requirements.  We are BRC Packaging and ISO 9001 compliant.

Our Printing Capabilities

Our label cutter library spans over 2000 shapes and sizes! We’re confident we can offer a shape, size and material that suits your application. By using market-leading digital printing technology, we are able to offer our customers food labels that are rather more complex in terms of design. Using exceptionally high-quality inks, even the smallest print is clear and we can print labels up to 8 colours for products such as ice creams, frozen fish, ready meals and frozen yoghurts.

Materials and Finishes

Our team of label experts can guide you on what material we think is best for your needs.

Due to the storage conditions of freezer goods, frozen food labels must be resistant to extreme temperatures and repellent to moisture to a certain extent. At Labelnet our food label solutions help businesses print professional, long-lasting labels for frozen food application, by using adhesives that are designed to excel in icy, frosty, damp or wet conditions. We can produce high-quality labels that will not wrinkle due to condensation, fade under harsh store lighting, or lose their adhesion and fall off in freezing temperatures.

Typically our food labels are manufactured using coated gloss papers and coated thermal materials along with a frost-resistant adhesive to ensure optimum results. Your food labels can then sustain temperatures as low as minus 40 degrees Celsius. Suitable for a wide range of freezer conditions, our frozen food labels can be supplied equipped with batch codes, best before dates and barcodes.

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Frozen Food Labels