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Freezer Labels

On top of creating an aesthetic design, freezer food labels need to withstand extreme conditions and provide all of the necessary information in line with industry regulations. With the food market being more competitive than ever, it can be hard to stand out from so many brands competing for the attention of consumers both online and in store. To help portray your brand personality and promote the delicious food within, create effective freezer labels with the help of the team at Labelnet.

Since freezer adhesive labels are the first thing somebody will see when they walk past your product, make sure your first impression is one to remember! By utilising our powerful combination of expert team members and cutting edge technology, create state of the art freezer labels that are one step ahead of your competitors packaging. Not only are you catching the eye of consumers, but a high quality label is a great indicator of the high quality food within.

The Importance of Freezer Food Labels

There is a range of essential information which is required in your freezer labels, both encouraging them to buy your product and informing them of the necessary details. To adhere to industry regulations, vital information such as ingredients, allergy information, storage instructions and a use by date must be visible to avoid legal issues going forward. For food that requires heating up, cooking instructions also need to be provided to inform users of the best way to cook the product safely.

Having worked in the labelling industry for over 20 years, we are highly experienced when it comes to both self-adhesive labels and food legislation so are on hand to guide you through the process to ensure your products are ready for the shelf. We are BRC Packaging and ISO 9001 compliant, giving you peace of mind that your freezer adhesive labels are of the highest quality possible in line with our high standards.

Endless Possibilities for your Freezer Labels UK

Bring your vision to life and create freezer labels that perfectly portray your brand image. To help you achieve freezer food labels that meet your exact needs, our label cutter library offers over 2,000 shapes and sizes to make sure there is an option for everyone’s freezer labels UK.

We separate ourselves from other labelling companies by investing into market-leading technology which creates unique solutions like no other. Our more complex designs utilise a range of different materials with high quality printing and a frost-resistant adhesive to ensure the design remains visible when frozen. The printing technology allows for 8 colours to be printed, showing even the tiniest of details for unbeatable clarity and a bold finish.

Typically, our freezer food labels are manufactured using coated gloss papers and coated thermal materials which are finished with a carefully designed adhesive which maintains its finish in the harsh frozen conditions of up to minus 40 degrees Celsius. By ensuring that all detail is visible at all times, you do not have to worry about shopkeepers struggling to scan the barcode or customers being unable to view the ingredient list.

Design your Freezer Adhesive Labels

Whether you sell handmade ice creams, convenient ready meals, locally sourced frozen meat or delicious desserts, we have a solution for your freezer labels UK. When you get in touch with our team, our specialists will recommend the best material for your products and help you achieve the best possible outcome.

Not only will your freezer labels look the part, but our specialist materials will help you achieve freezer adhesive labels that excel in icy conditions and can withstand moisture to maintain their original appearance. Our high quality finishes mean there will be no wrinkling from condensation, fading under harsh lighting or losses of adhesion from the freezer temperatures; your products will look great through the whole consumer journey.

If you would like to test out the quality of our freezer labels yourself, order a free sample pack to test them out in your store conditions and visualise them on your packaging. We’d love to discuss your project so get in touch today to speak to a member of our friendly team and get the ball rolling with your freezer labels UK.

Frozen Food Labels FAQs

How Does the Process Work with Frozen Food Labels?

From start to finish, we work hard to bring your requirements to life and do so using the best processes and machinery on the market. Your request for freezer labels will go through various stages starting with an initial call with one of our experienced sales reps to understand your requirements and will be on hand all the way to delivery. During planning, your label design will come to life and we’ll decide on the best materials, adhesives and textures to use. We are able to provide label or material samples and work out any improvements and small changes before your final order is placed for delivery.

How Quickly Can I Get Delivery of Your Freezer Labels?

We work extremely quickly, understanding that once you request a batch of freezer labels, you’ll want them as quickly as possible. We always aim to get your labels to you on time and in perfect condition, normally within a 7-10 day lead time from when the artwork is approved to delivery. During your initial quotation, we will work with you to meet your requirements to give an accurate lead time and use only first-class suppliers to supply you with the perfect freezer labels UK.

What Other Types of Label Can You Provide?

Alongside freezer food labels, we offer many types of self-adhesive labels that work with a variety of food products, including chilled food, fruit and vegetables, meat and poultry and also sauces, condiments and confectionery. Not only food, but various beverage labels can be produced and we also offer many custom labels for more specific needs. We cover so many different industries and types of label, giving us a varied background and industry experience that many companies struggle to offer.