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Fruit & Veg Labels

Fruit and vegetables are staples in just about everyone’s weekly shop, but this doesn’t mean your packaging standards should fall because of this. Whether you’re looking for labels stuck directly onto the produce, wineglass labels for netted bags, or fruit and veg labels for a range of packaging types, Labelnet can help!

At Labenet we often work with producers to print bespoke high-quality fruit and vegetable labels on reels, sheets and continuous fan-fold at competitive prices. We offer a vast range of standard label sizes and can accommodate any custom or speciality size.

Recyclable Wineglass Labels

Caring for the environment is incredibly important to us, and we are always on the lookout for new innovative packaging and labelling solutions to help our customers become more environmentally friendly. We’ve recently launched our recyclable wineglass labels, and we are the first label manufactures in the UK that offers this particular product.

These are the ideal choice for sustainable grocery product packaging, and can often be found on netted fruit and veg bags in the supermarket (for example, oranges, lemons, limes and onions).

We have specifically designed a high strength, flexible, plastic film which is 100% recyclable and will not break or scruff during the transportation from the warehouse to the supermarket. Therefore, not only are you able offer your customers an environmentally friendly alternative to what’s currently on the market, but you can also rest assured that your labels will remain in pristine condition from delivery to supermarket.

Furthermore, our recyclable fruit and vegetable labels have been developed to be clipped to netted bags without creasing down the middle, while the strong, highly durable material allows you to use the label as a handle to easily lift the netted bags.

To find out more about our recyclable fruit and vegetable labels, click here.

FDA Approved Fruit and Vegetable Labels

It’s important to consider when purchasing custom fruit and vegetable labels whether or not the label will come in direct contact with the product, such as a sticker placed on an apple.

At Labelnet, our team of label experts go the extra mile to ensure our labels are FDA approved, allowing you to meet the FDA’s requirements at a competitive price. We are also very proud to be an ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified company, the recognition that we believe defines our ability and expertise in the labelling sector. We can guide you through the entire label process and can suggest the ideal substrates, materials and adhesive for your specific requirements. We understand the one size fits all protocol does not apply to labels and have diversified a range of fruit and vegetable labels to meet your demands.

Meeting Current Food Labelling Legislation

We understand the importance of correct food labelling. Our technical sales division is highly trained to ensure that our customer’s labels are compliant with current UK food labelling legislation so you can feel confident knowing you’re working with a supplier that is familiar with all the latest rules and regulations within your sector.

A Superior Printing Service

With best-in-class production machinery, including our Edale FL-3 press, we are able to expand our product offerings when it comes to fruit and vegetable labels, whilst still delivering extremely fast turnaround time without compromising on the exceptional quality of the end product.

Utilising our market-leading machinery also ensure we are one of the most competitively-priced label printing companies in the UK, particularly for high-volume orders. This makes us the label supplier of choice for top brands who demand the very best service from their chosen partner. Just some of our capabilities include:

  • Up to 8 Colour Print (including extended Gamut printing)
  • 350mm print width
  • 100% Inspection system & Auto Registration
  • High-class materials ranging from 12-450 micron
  • Reverse printing, Adhesive Printing & Multilayer printing
  • Speciality products – Security, Scented, Dissolvable & Holographic labels
  • Quality finishes – Cold Foil, Laminate & Varnish
  • Sequential numbering, Bar-coding, Overprinting, Guillotining, Collation & Fulfilment

Any changes can be completed easily with a digital print as the template can be changed. We can create labels that move with your packaging for the best possible results. Whether it is for a netted bag or a neck of a wine bottle, we have everything you need to make your product stand out. Here at Labelnet, we can also provide foiling and embossed labels for high-quality products. Creating your perfect label is as simple as getting in contact with us.

We understand that sustainable packaging is key. That’s why we create fruit and veg labels of materials that work for you. Our adhesives and clips ensure that our labels remain in tack regardless of the miles that your products are travelling. This will make sure that your product isn’t damaged. This will ensure that your item has the face value when on the shelf. This can help to boost sales as well as the brand identity over time. We will work with you throughout the growth of your company to cater your labels perfectly. Whether it is a scheduled rebrand or trying something new, we are a company that works with you at every stage of the process for the best result.

Every container of fresh fruits or vegetables must be labelled with a common name since fresh fruits or vegetables do not have prescribed names. You should also state the country of origin or place of provenance as the failure to do so could be misleading. Any waxed or treated fruits should also be labelled as such. For example, if beetroot has been dipped in vinegar or cooked it should be labelled so.

We offer either self-adhesive labels to stick to fruit or veg packaging or wineglass labels which are ideal for attaching to netted bags of fruit such as oranges or lemons.

Yes, however, these are required to bear a list of ingredients unless the product is made up of a single ingredient. Some prepared salads, dried fruit and peeled potatoes are treated with preservative solutions to keep them fresh which should be listed as well as anything else that has been added.

At Labelnet, we can help you to enhance your fruit and veg labels with the help of our branding and label design services with our trusted partners. We can help you create food labels that adhere to your brand and show the relevant and required information on your fruit and veg products. Our design team will work very close with you to ensure you’re happy with your fruit and veg labels and that you are supplied with the highest quality yet affordable labelling solution for your brand.


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