Meat & Poultry Labels

At Labelnet we understand the importance of innovative and compliant meat and poultry label solutions to meet both operational and marketing requirements and have over 20- years of experience in doing so. Our team understands the unique challenges across the meat supply chain and our meat and poultry labels are designed to perform for the complete lifecycle of your product. Combined with excellent quality and vibrant printing results in a premium looking label at the point of sale.

High Quality and Long Lasting Labels

To meet your printing requirements, Labelnet offers high-quality retail ready meat and poultry labels for a wide range of pack formats including Vacuum, Shrink, Skin, MAP, Stretch Film, and Overwrap. By using high quality thermal top sheets designed to meet extreme temperature and processing conditions, ensures that your labels will not be compromised by moisture and temperature changes from freezing, refrigeration, or scuffing/scratching through the supply chain.

Our Printing Capabilities

Our flexible mix of printing technologies ensures we offer a solution to meet your needs. With multiple industry-leading flexo presses at our warehouse, ideal for printing large volume orders using CMYK colours, we can improve our productivity, reduce waste and increase print quality.

Meat and Poultry Label Regulations

Meat and poultry label regulations are stringent with specific requirements. The labels must provide detailed information such as:

  • Product name
  • Type and cut of meat
  • Meat content
  • Irradiated ingredients
  • Added water in excess of 5% for fresh meat
  • Safe handling and storage
  • Origin
  • Special nutritional or organic claims
  • Genetically modified ingredients

Our technical sales division is highly trained to ensure that our customer’s labels are compliant with current UK food labelling legislation, so you can rest assured knowing you’re working with a supplier that is familiar with all the latest rules and regulations within your sector.

Poultry Labels

Whether they be drumsticks, thighs or chicken breasts, our poultry label solutions are designed to assist with the identification and traceability of poultry products from production all the way through to retail sale.

For your poultry products, we offer chilled labels, the ideal solution for foods that are stored at a cool temperature and can be frozen. When exposed to a range of conditions, such as condensation, damp and freezing temperatures, you can feel confident that your labels design and quality will remain.

We also offer a range of labels developed to resolve unique challenges the poultry industry faces, including heat resistant labels which can withstand a range of temperatures.

Meat Labels

At Labelnet we produce a large quantity of meat and poultry labels every year. Our team of experts can provide you with the right solutions to meet even the most challenging requirements, and our ability to produce excellent, visually striking and innovate labels is favoured amongst our clients.

Labelnet work with multiple clients across the meat supply chain. It’s because of this our meat and poultry labels are designed to perform through the complete lifecycle of your products. We ensure the labelling solutions we provide are fit for purpose and excel in all conditions. From high-quality printing through to strong adhesion suitable for freezing, our labels can do the job.

Find out more about our range of meat and poultry labels, by calling the team today on 01277 364964.

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Labels for Meat & Poultry