Confectionary Labels & Sweet Jar Labels

The world of confectionery is a firm favourite, bursting with colour and exciting flavours. From retro jars filled with bonbons and boiled sweets to contemporary new brands offering innovative chocolate flavours or jelly sweets, the market is forever growing.

With so many other brands to compete with, whether this be on the shelf or online, standing out from the crowd is essential. Your sweet jar labels will create a first impression for customers, make it count and create unique custom sweet labels that portray your brand image and resonate with your target market. In fact, the look of a product can affect how consumers perceive taste so making sure your labels are bursting with your brand personality will encourage shoppers to give your products a go!

Create Branding Sweet Labels

Designing the perfect confectionery and chocolate bar labels has never been easier. The team at Labelnet offer over 20 years of expertise and experience when it comes to food labels, working with businesses of all sizes to create effective sweet jar labels which have the potential to increase sales and grow a business.

We work flexibly in accordance to your desires, budget and timeframe to produce individual solutions that work with your business. Alongside our classic sweet jar labels, we offer peelable labels if you regularly switch over any promotional messaging or seasonal designs so you do not need to worry about buying new containers or spend forever trying to soak an old label under the tap. We also create sweet labels which can be used as seals, sticking down paper or plastic bags which are perfect for companies offering pick and mix products.

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Total Flexibility with your Sweet & Chocolate Bar Labels

When you see all the options, we have available for your sweet jar labels, you’ll feel like a kid in a candy shop! Every business is different and this is why we encourage thinking outside of the box to create innovative ideas. To help you create totally unique sweet labels in line with your branding, we have a library of more than 2,000 label cutters and if this is not enough, we can create a completely new design to meet your requirements.

As standard, our sweet and chocolate bar labels use materials such as polypropylene (PP) and polyethylene (PE) which are known for their long lasting properties, meaning your sweet labels can withstand the test of time and maintain their condition. In addition to creating sweet jar labels in your own shape and size, choose from different printing technologies to take your labels up another notch. Many label printers do not have the advanced technology to create added embellishments so stand out in the crowd with additional printing techniques;

  • Printing in up to 8 colours
  • Available in high-gloss, satin and matt finishes
  • Gold foiling available for added luxury
  • Multi-layer peelable labels to combat spacing issues
  • Continuous barcodes and numbering

Meeting Sweet Jar Labels Standards

When it comes to designing your sweet labels, there is more than just the aesthetics to consider.

To meet labelling requirements, there are various pieces of information which must be included to comply with The Cocoa and Chocolate Products (England) Regulations 2003. With extensive experience creating sweet and chocolate bar labels, we are able to stay up to date with any updates in legislation and help ensure that your brand remains fully compliant.

As standard, your sweet labels must include a full ingredient list including allergen information, safe handling and storage details to maintain freshness, nutritional details and any other additional benefits such as Fairtrade or organic ingredients. With such small label spaces to work with, fitting all of this information can seem impossible. At Labelnet, we do not sacrifice your brand image by creating cluttered labels, our designers work effectively to meet both legislation and aesthetic demands. We can also create multi-layer peel and read labels which are ideal for smaller products or brands who prefer to opt for minimalistic sweet jar labels, including all of the necessary information without compromising on design.


With the confectionary market being so competitive, standing out with stunning packaging is a must. We’re here to help by offering a vast number of decorating options so you can embellish your sweet jar labels with various finishes and special touches. From delicate gold foiling that creates a luxury appearance to a stylish matt finish that stands out on a busy shelf, makes your labels your own by utilising our powerful printing capabilities.

Make your vision a reality by designing unique sweet jar labels that perfectly suit your product packaging. No two brands are the same so we take a bespoke approach to each and every project, offering a wide range of ready-made cutters or creating brand new ones if you’re looking for a tailored solution. If spacing is an issue and you’re worried about not having enough room for the necessary information, we can also create multi-layer sweet jar labels that can be peeled to reveal more detail.

Our bespoke approach makes it difficult to provide a fixed price since the cost will depend on the type of label you design. With different sizes, quantities, materials and additional embellishments all contributing to the price, use our online quote request form to get an accurate estimate for your personal needs. We pride ourselves on offering quality sweet jar labels at competitive price points, allowing you to wow your customers and show off your brand image with full creative freedom.

Sweet labels should include a full ingredient list with all allergens bolded, underlined or in italics so that they stand out clearly. It should also include any storage details that are required to maintain quality and freshness (e.g., in the fridge, consume within 3 days etc.), as well as nutritional details (sugar, carbohydrates, fat etc.) and any other additional information.

Sweet jar and confectionary labels should be eye-catching, colourful and with your branding in mind. With many different styles on trend such as the traditional sweet shop style, crazy Willy Wonka style and classic delectable chocolate styles, you can go to town experimenting with designs. Your labels should tell a story through creative colours, content and images clearly showing the brand and the flavours. Classically, certain colours represent certain flavours, so it’s important to show this during your label design so that your customers can easily pick their favourites. Customers have become more conscious about their healthy lifestyle, so making sure the nutritional information is clearly labelled is essential, not only to meeting regulations but for your customer’s peace of mind too.

Labelnet was established in 1999 and has increasingly grown in popularity to be the number one choice for confectionary labels – (can we say that? Not sure that’s a bit much to say we are the number one choice).

We have years of experience in printing and designing labels for our customers and only use the very best materials and processes to help you get exactly what you need.