Use Effective Colours and Textures

Choosing the right colours for your labels is an important factor when designing.  It’s important to consider what customers see when they look at a label – silver labels might project sophistication or a high-tech feel, brown paper labels may convey sustainability and reliability, a thick textured craft label might make your product look of higher quality to one with a thin paper material.  There is no right or wrong, but working with what most suits your brand and product to ensure it stands out and used to your advantage.  Never forget that the label is your customers first impression when seeing it on the shelf.

Design the label with the packaging and product in mind

Measuring your label design so that it fits perfectly onto your end product is obviously highly important.  Don’t waste time designing something that will then later need amending because the sizing is out.  Picking a label that compliments the shape of your jar, packet, tub or bottle is something to consider, to ensure it sits smoothly and know how much of your product your label will actually cover – do you want to show some of the product or completely cover it up?

Create something distinctive to set you apart

Making your label stand out over your competitors will increase your sales without question – people get sold by image and first impressions, so make yours count.  Researching what your competitors are doing is the frist step in this process and coming up with something unique that reflects your brand and product.  For example, companies in your industry may have a plain white label with their company logo, name and product type written on it – perhaps you could beat that by printing a colourful, textured label with embossing to make it look a higher class of product.  Will your target audience find it compelling? Would this attract you to buying it over someone else’s?

Get Feedback from others

Although you may love your new label design it is always good to get other opinions to ensure they see what you see.  Constructive criticism is always good – it may be that your text needs to be bolder, or the colours don’t quite match your product or packaging.  Finding out what other’s think is vital as this is who will be buying your end product – would they pick this up off the shelf? Do they think the design works with the brand? Does it make your product look cheap or expensive?  Asking these questions will really help you make your final tweaks and perfect the final design.

Speak with your label manufacturer

Once your artwork has been designed, finding the right label manufacturer is just as important.  At Labelnet we can recommend the best materials you can use for your design to make it stand out, will pick the most suited printer to enhance the colours and can discuss textured, matt or glossy finishes which will create the perfect finished label.  Having a sample printed is also an option so you can check the quality/sizing before you commit to purchasing a larger order.

So before rushing into designing your label take the time to plan and think about what is going to work best for your brand, and the most effective way to make your label stand out on the shelf.