Have some questions about your labels and what we can do to help? We have listed our most commonly asked questions below to speed things up.

When it comes to ordering labels there is alot to know from how to measure a label, what format your artwork needs to be in, how quick we can get it to you along with a list of to do’s along the way.

If you would rather speak with a member of our team call our head office on 01277 364964 and we will be happy to help answer any questions you may have.

Self adhesive labels are used on products and packaging to display information, ingredients, company logo’s and images.

The adhesive can be permanent or semi-permanent but is used to attach the label to the product. Depending on the item it is being attached to we can offer different levels of adhesive strength to ensure the label does not come off.

Typically our customers labels include food and drinks labels to dress their bottles, jars and cans to attract customers to their brand. We print supplement and chemical labels to inform customers of specific ingredients and warning symbols, to printing luxurious cosmetics and candle labels which ooze sophistication. The

options are endless.

At Labelnet we have a print solution for you with numerous printing methods, materials and label shapes, we cater for all industry sectors.

We print self-adhesive labels in all custom shapes and sizes tailored to each customers unique label design.

Our range of machinery enables us to offer our customers both digital and flexographic printing meaning we can cater for all volume orders in thousands of pantone colours or CMYK inks.

We work with all industry sectors printing labels so print labels for a wide variety of products including beer and wine bottles, sauces and chutney jars, cosmetic creams and soaps to garden chemical sprays and even pet products. Whatever product your business sells we can label it!

We have hundreds of materials in stock all of which offer something a little different. From Standard PP (Polypropylene) to our Silver PP material, premium papers to PE (Polyethylene) materials we cater for all customers needs.

Labelnet’s latest material range includes our sustainable materials for eco-friendly conscious brands looking for a solution which is friendlier to our environment. From recycled paper and PP, to materials made from marble waste or fruit pulp we have a selection of sustainable materials to choose from.

Our team will help you select the best material for your product to ensure the adhesive is strong enough to offer longevity of the label, the material withstands elements it might be exposed to, and that it prints the best possible finish for your chosen label design.

Yes we can print any label size from 10mm x 10mm up to 350mm x XXmm. We have thousands of ready made cutters in stock but can order custom sizes specific to each customers label design. Labels shapes can range from circles, squares, rectangles to completely unique, irregular shapes. You have total flexibility to get as creative as you wish.

Our eco-friendly material offers a solution which is friendlier to our environment whether it is recycled paper or sourced from alternative materials such as marble waste or fruit pulp. To find out more about our sustainable range please download our sustainable materials brochure or email us for more information.

Please note: All of our materials at Labelnet are FSC certified meaning that they are managed to the highest environmental, social and economic standards.

Once your label design is complete please email to us in a high resolution format to ensure the highest quality finish to your labels. High resolution formats include PDF, .ai and .eps files which can all be easily edited on Adobe software.

Tip: If your file is too large to send in an email please use WeTransfer to send large image files.

To ensure our prices are cost effective for our customers we have a minimum order quantity of 500 labels right up to millions of labels…the sky is the limit!

We are proud to have fast turnaround times for our customers orders offering from 5-10 working days from payment to shipment date. This can vary depending on the printing method used, if new plates need to be ordered and what the quantity being printed. Our team will give you an estimated delivery date when sending you a quotation.

Yes! We can send you a free sample pack which will include a selection of labels we have printed to show you a variety of materials, varnishes and embellishments which you might wish to add to your labels. Let us know what samples you wish to see and we will get a pack out to you.

If you would like a sample of your own label design we can print a wet proof sample which will not die-cut or varnishes/laminated. There will be a small charge for this of £40+VAT.

We do not design labels in house but our graphic design team can help tweak any colours or fonts for you on your high res artworks.

However, we do have a recommended graphic designer who can create bespoke label designs for you. Their creativity along with your ideas and product range means anything is possible. Let us know if you would like us to put you in touch with them.

Yes! We print all of our labels ourselves which means we can customise and tweak every order to ensure perfect labels every time. So here is what we print…

Digital Printing – Digital labels are produced by cutting- edge digital printing technology that creates photographic-quality graphics, crisp text, and vibrant colours. This is a popular choice for custom labels.

Flexographic Printing – Flexo label printing operates similar to a giant rubber stamp and is a more traditional method of printing allowing for large volume printing at super speeds with a quality finish.

Embellishments – From metallic hot foiling, 3D embossed detailing for added texture, or ultra glossy screen printed designs, our range of embellishments create the ultimate luxurious label.

Finishing – Completing a label look with a selection of varnishes which enhance and protect a label. From matt or gloss varnish to textured or ultra soft laminates this can transform the feel of a label.

We work with all industry sectors printing labels food and drink products, chemical sprays and cosmetics, to pet foods, protein powders and CBD oils – we work with all industries to ensure our labels adhere to a wide range of packaging as well as withstand specific spillages and different environmental elements.

Food – The food industry is currently more competitive than ever before, with so many brands competing for consumers’ attention both on the shelf and online, so going the extra mile with your custom labels is a necessity.

Drink – With the abundance of drinks and beverages on the market, it’s taking more and more effort and innovation to capture the attention of your consumers. That’s where we help create eye catching labels to make them stand out.

Chemicals – From cleaning products to laundry detergent, whilst not liable, we can point you in the right direction for gaining the necessary industry regulations whilst effectively portraying your brand image with eye catching label designs.

Cosmetics – With an industry as competitive and dependent on brand perception as cosmetics, it’s incredibly important for you to have the best possible cosmetic labels from hand soaps and moisturisers, to perfumes and beauty products.

Pet Products – We create pet food label designs that align with your brand imagery and will captivate pet owners, reflecting a top-quality product through our use of the highest calibre materials and packaging.

Supplements – Protein snacks and supplements require high-end, bold graphics labels to attract attention to your product in a competitive market. Highlight your ingredients and features with attractive and easy-to-read, custom protein and supplement labels.

Trade – With over 23 years experience, we offer self-adhesive, cost-effective trade labels for a range of different products and build lasting relationships which gives you confidence that we are a trusted trade label supplier.

Opting for a finish on your labels has many benefits such as adding longevity and durability of the label, as well completing the look and feel of the label on your product range. Varnishes are the most popular choice and come in a range of looks from glossy to matt or a rough textured finish.


For a shiny finish adding a gloss varnish creates a vibrant label with bright stand out colours.


Matt varnishing creates a much softer flat finish which does not shine or glare when exposed to direct light.


Creating a sandpaper, rough textured label is a popular choice which entices consumers to feel the label.

Soft Touch

An ultra soft velvety to touch laminate oozes sophistication on a finished label design.

Of course! You can order a free label sample pack which will be with you within 3 working days and will show you a range of our materials, finishes and embellishments which will give you the confidence of our quality work.

In the meantime, please check out our gallery page to see some of our customers labels.

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