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Luxury Labels

Transform your labels with our premium printing capabilities, adding an extra special touch to your products for maximum impact. From eye-catching metallic foiling to a raised 3D surface for added texture, make your embellished labels jump out on the shelf by utilising the endless options available.

With more competition than ever, getting noticed as customers are browsing the shelves requires thinking outside of the box. Embellished labels add additional decorative features to your packaging to make them stand out to passers-by, coming in a wide variety of options to suit the nature of your product range. Whether you opt for foil labels, embossed printing, screen printed labels or something other, our state-of-the-art equipment makes all kinds of luxury labels possible.

We are here to help embellish your labels to make them grab the attention of shoppers and show off your well-loved brand. Our embellishments can be tailored to suit brands across all industries, both online and in physical stores, overcoming the barriers of creating eye-catching custom labels. Whether you sell high end whisky, vintage wine, luxury perfume bottles, boutique candles, homemade jams or more, your luxury labels are an indicator of the quality of the product inside so make first impressions count!

Hot Foiling

Hot foil label printing is often used to make part of the text stand out or to create a decorative feature across a label to make it look more attractive and add value to a product. Brands who are reaching out to an audience who desire a luxury product will find that adding metallic foils to their labels will attract attention and create a more eye-catching finish for their stand out labels.

Screen Printing

Screen printing, also known as silk screen, is a process which dates back years. Creating thick, opaque images or text to give your embellished labels a strong colour and tactile feel, screen printed labels are ideal for outdoor use or products stored in harsh environments. They are weather and abrasion resistant as well as being very resistant to fading in direct sunlight.


Embossed and debossed finishes are popular effects used on luxury labels to create a sophisticated three-dimensional look. Embossing features a raised effect on chosen areas of your label, whereas debossing does the opposite and creates an inverted effect. The raised surface or indentations add texture to your luxury labels and encourage customers to pick up your product.

Special Finishes

Adding a varnish to complete your label can transform the final look and feel, as well as add durability to your label design. We offer a wide range of varnishes to differentiate your labels and give the ultimate luxurious look. From high gloss varnishes to tactile textures or smooth silky finishes, adding one of our special varnishes to your embellished labels will create the perfect premium touch.

Some Benefits of Embellishing Labels…

Decorative Feature


Adds Value

Enhances Design

Hot Foiling

Hot foiling is a pressure technique used to create a decorative, metallic finish to a label design. It literally is a metallic foil which is heated up and transferred onto any label material to add a luxurious finish to part of a label design.

It is the perfect addition for adding a stylish and high quality look to your product and is commonly used for high end drinks labels such as whiskey labels, wine labels and rum labels.

Hot foil label printing is often used to make part of the text stand out or to create a decorative feature across a label to make it look more attractive and add value to a product. Brands who are reaching out to an audience who desire a luxury product will find that adding metallic foils to their labels will attract attention and create a more eye catching finish to their label designs.

For businesses wanting to attract an audience who are looking for ‘high end’ products, hot foiling a label will ooze sophistication and class. This makes it perfect for attracting customers for any product including beer can labels, candle labels and cosmetic labels, giving the perfect first impression.

Screen Printing

Screen printing (also known as silk screen) is a technique which dates back years and is used to create thick, opaque images or text to give your labels a strong colour and tactile feel. It is based of that of stencilling using a fine mesh and highly durable inks which can bring your labels to life.

Opting for this premium label finish will guarantee a vivid, solid colour with a wax stamp look on your label design. This method is not suitable for very fine detail but for bold images or areas on your area to help it stand out.

Advantages of screen printed labels

Although it can take longer than other embellishment processes, the main advantages to screen printed labels are:

  • The technique enables us to lay a very smooth and thick coating of ink with a tactile feel
  • The labels are weather and abrasion resistant, excelling in the outdoors, extreme weather or chemical conditions
  • The inks are so thick when printed that screen printed labels are more opaque and durable than other printing processes
  • Creates a stunning ‘no label’ look when screen printing on a clear material
  • Ideal for producing a durable, glossy, wax stamp look onto a label design

“The Labelnet team worked really hard to deliver the gin labels in a very tight window. We are delighted with our labels, they look fantastic. We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Labelnet and our advice to any customer would be talk through your ideas and work together to find the best solution.”

Embossed Labels

Embossed labels (and debossed labels) are popular effects used on bottle and jar labels to create a 3-dimensional, sophisticated look for a luxury finish. Embossing features a raised effect on chosen areas of your label, whereas debossing does the opposite and creates an inverted effect.

Embossed labels look best when used on thicker, more premium paper materials, as the thicker the material, the deeper (or higher) the effect will look. All the details on your embossed labels will add a level of complexity to them, which is ideal for anyone wanting to style their products as a premium choice for consumers. Embossed stickers and labels are subtle yet provide a high-quality textured finish that you can feel, enhancing your product further. Customers will take notice that a premium label like this is worth considering over standard drinks labels, reflecting the premium product inside.

Being one of our most popular services, embossed label printing adds an extra dimension to your labels by creating raised effects on chosen areas of your label. Choose from debossed or embossed printing for a raised or inverted effect which will add a luxury feel to your packaging and stand out from regular 2D labelling.

Special Finishes – Varnishes & Laminates

Finishing your foil labels with premium label varnishes can transform your finished design to give the ultimate luxurious look. On top of looking sleek and eye catching, adding a varnish brings its benefits in protecting your labels, making them more durable, protecting the embellishments as well as creating that decorative look to stand out on the shelf. Offering a wide variety of finishes, our team are here to help you choose the right one for your labels.

What are the benefits of adding a special varnish?

Add Protection – adding a layer of varnish on top of your label instantly gives it added protection to scuffing, tearing or general elements from damaging the material

Enhance Design – with a range of varnishing options to choose from, each create a unique decorative look which enhances the label design, whether you opt for a shiny, textured or matt finish

Professional Finish – adding label varnishes is like finishing a piece of wood with a coat of varnish, or nails with a glossy lacquer; it creates the finished professional look

FAQs – Embellished Labels

Luxury labels are the best way to transform your labels and add a little extra something that will make your product stand out on the shelves. Subtle effects like hot foil label printing, screen printing and embossing can help you achieve impeccable results and get you ahead of the competition.

Choose metallic hot foil label printing against a dark background on your label to create a high-end, luxury label. The thick foil is perfect for creating regal effects and can be used in conjunctions with other luxury effects too.

Embossing creates a fabulous effect on your wine or spirit bottle labels. It’s great for adding some texture and making certain elements in your design stand out.

Screen printing is a great way to get your label seen on the shelf. It’s a thick, durable ink that is completely opaque and creates an incredible effect on your label.

Choose a range of luxury label printing effects on your product to stand out against the competition.

Luxury labels are perfect for most businesses and most products. However, it’s important you utilise the effects in the best way as too much of one effect on your luxury labels can do more harm than good. Instead, make sure to utilise white space, choose the details that are most important to stand out (such as an image or your logo) and remember less is sometimes more. Speak to one of our design team now for any advice or help in designing your luxury labels.

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