Food Labels

Food labels are the first part of your product that anyone will see, which means that the first impression that a consumer will have when they discover your product is the food label stickers that you adorn them with.

The food industry is more competitive than ever before. But, with so many brands competing for the attention of consumers online and in-store, going the extra mile to stand out is more necessary than ever.

To help you create quality food packaging labels that are fit for purpose, we at Labelnet use special adhesives suited to withstand cold temperatures, damp conditions to dry and warm environments. By working with us you can ensure you will receive our 24 years’ experience as trusted label printers, and we will supply a wide range of food and drink labels for your business to use.

From labels that sit pristinely onto glass containers to squeezy bottles, all you need to worry about is creating an unforgettable design and portraying your brand image for all to see.

Food Products We Print Labels For Include…

Condiments & Sauces

Chilled & Frozen Foods

Sweets & Confectionery

Meat, Poultry & Fresh Fish

Food Labels For All Industries

Whether you’re selling homemade baked goods at your local food festival, or your popular ready meals are stocked at leading supermarkets, tailoring your custom food labels to the theme of your brand will help create a lasting impression and entice new customers to look at your products rather than passing over them in the sea of consumer goods available.

Imagine enticing your customers with high-quality hot sauce bottle labels wrapped around the tastebud-tingling sauces you offer or bringing your chutney jars to life with vibrant labels with quality finishing!

To help you bring your brand to life and create a food label that stands out, we go above and beyond to get to know the needs of your business and create a tailored approach for your brand-new food label stickers.

food labels
labels for food

Choose Labelnet for Your Food Label Stickers

Upgrade your current food label stickers to custom-designed food packaging labels that are suitable for high-speed application! Meet your consumers’ demand and get ready for food shows by restocking more efficiently without compromising on the quality of your product.

Our high-quality food labels will suit all your needs. At Labelnet, we have the best quality food label printing presses so that you can get the most out of your order with us. Upgrade your brand by taking food labelling to new heights with our help. Whatever your requirements, no matter how unique your packaging may be, we can offer you our years of experience creating labels for food establishments. We relish a challenge and we’re happy to send you free samplesbefore you decide to confirm your order with us.

We don’t cut corners, only labels!

Standing Out From the Rest with Custom Food Labels

When it comes to food packaging labels that stand out, there is no better team to partner with than us. We have worked with hundreds of customers, businesses large and small, to create food labels in line with their target audience.

To help our clients get ahead of their competitors, we continue to invest in the latest cutting-edge technology to give us the ability to create advanced food packaging labels that other companies don’t have access to. With the help of our printing machines and dedicated team, the options to make your vision a reality really are limitless. Whether you want a sleek matte laminate or a super glossy varnish, choose from the below finishes to take your food labels to the next level:

  • Multi-colour print
  • Laminating
  • Foiling
  • Reverse printing
  • Printing on the adhesive
  • Multi-layer labels
  • Hole-punching
  • Die cutting

Benefits Of Our Food Labels Include…

Spillage Protection

Durable Against Spillages


Withstand Cold Temperatures


Strong Adhesives to Avoid Peeling

Variable Data Printing & Barcoding

Design Your Custom Food Labels UK

Impress your customers with your new food label stickers that encourage them to give your tasty treats and delectable meals a go. Whatever you’re selling, we will adapt our approach to suit the environment that your products will be stored in to ensure that they maintain a professional appearance at all stages of their shelf life.

Fridge and freezer labels must be resistant to extreme temperatures and repellent to certain levels of moisture, so we use materials that are able to withstand those kinds of conditions. Common issues – such as wrinkling due to condensation, fading under harsh store lighting, or losing their adhesion and falling off in extreme temperatures – are worries of the past when you partner with Labelnet for your food packaging labels.

No more crinkled poultry or meat labels. Your consumers will be able to clearly read all of the information that you want them to, and they’ll be able to scan barcodes, QR codes or check weights with ease. Imagine your snack foods stacked on a shelf, proudly displaying your brand’s name for all to see.

sauces and condiment labels

FAQs – Food Labels

Our attention to detail separates us from other food label manufacturers. We take the time to learn what it is you want to achieve, what your current branding is, and provide new ideas to create a great product. Quality food packaging labels can be created that are perfected for you and your business, and we’ll keep you involved in every step when you place an order with us. As well as this, the access we have to the latest and finest food label machinery will ensure the final product is of the highest quality. Our digital and flexo press machines will elevate your idea into stunning final results.

How your design looks when it is sent to us is how it will be printed. You will, however, always be sent a proof before we proceed to print to ensure you are happy with how your label design looks.

Yes, we do. We print labels for all types of packaging and ensure we use the right strength of adhesive for the material your labels are being applied to.

Yes, we work with many restaurants and food manufacturers to supply branded labels for their takeaway boxes and bags.

Yes. Whatever material your product is we will use an adhesive which will ensure the label does not lift.

Labelnet work with state-of-the-art machinery to bring your custom food label ideas to life. They’re exceptionally high quality and can transform your labels by adding the most vibrant colours and unique textures whilst maintaining an affordable cost.

Our machinery can handle large quantity orders in a huge range of colours, textures, and embellishments. Our team are dedicated to helping your business create more brand awareness and reliability for your customers and we will continue to work with you to get your samples right before committing to an order.

You can request samples of your labels before committing to the final print of your order at a small cost. Our team will post them out to you and discuss any changes you may require; ensuring that you are 100% happy with your labels.

To order your samples, get in touch with us now and we can discuss your requirements in more detail. Our team will make sure you are 100% happy with your labels.

Don’t miss out!

At Labelnet we specialise in creating custom labels to take your branding to the next level.

Get in touch for quotes or more information about how we can help create your perfect custom labels for your business.