Quality & Environmental Policy

Working closely with both our clients and suppliers to develop an increasing range of imaginative and creative products to meet the rapidly changing consumer market is how we continue to remain successful in business.

To help us support the demands of the changing markets we have implemented a integrated management system adhering to the standards of BRC Packaging and packaging materials (Issue 5). Our quality system monitors our production of safe and legally compliant packaging materials and helps us to manage product quality to meet customer requirements. Our environmental system helps us to monitor and reduce our impact on the environment and maintain our focus on continual improvement.

The information provided by the processes & procedures implemented, as part of our management system will assist top management in the setting of both quality and environmental objectives. These objectives will be periodically reviewed and new objectives set in order to drive continual improvement in our management system.

In order to demonstrate our commitment to good environmental practice we will take all reasonable steps to manage our operations to minimise our environmental impact and to prevent pollution. We will also comply with all applicable environmental legislation and to any other requirements to which our organisation may subscribe.

Having our management system externally certified to meet the requirements of these standards is also important in helping us in tendering for new business as well as assisting us to be compliant with Health & Safety legislation.

This Policy is communicated to all staff and will be reviewed annually.

Neil Southgate

Managing Director

Date:  18th January 2019

Review Date:  18th January 2020