About Chefs Flavours

Chefs Flavours are a vape juice company who sell numerous e-liquid flavourings for use in Electronic Cigarettes. The two owners, Lewis and Carl, are both experienced chefs who started their vape business together back in 2013 when they both realised their love for creating new flavours for people to enjoy.

What were they looking for?

We were in the process of looking for an alternative label supplier when Labelnet’s rep, Tony, popped in at the right time showing us samples of the type of labels they could produce which were just what we were looking for.

What challenges did they face?

Our previous supplier was getting slower and slower with their turnaround times so this was an important factor for us to find someone who could offer a quick turnaround. Labelnet have nailed that criteria so far.

How have Labelnet helped?

Tony definitely swayed us into choosing Labelnet over other suppliers as he came across really well from the start and explained the process without any fluff. He goes above and beyond to help us out and answer all our questions.

Benefits of working with Labelnet

The whole team at Labelnet have been amazing from start to finish. I wouldn’t necessarily say they are any better quality than our previous supplier but the customer service and turnaround times are second to none.

Tony has gone the extra mile to help us with our orders and I always get a prompt reply from him when I have any questions.


“Great service from start to finish. Tony has been amazing and your whole team that we deal with are excellent. I would recommend Labelnet to anyone who was looking for a supplier. If you want quality, great communication and service then I see no reason not to choose Labelnet.”

Chefs Flavours