Chemical Label Printing

At Labelnet we work with many chemical companies of different industries and have a great understanding of what is required when it comes to printing a label specifically for hazardous chemical products.  The importance of ensuring the label adheres to the product and packaging, even if spillages of the chemical happen,  is vitally important as these labels will inform the customers of any potential risks which the chemicals could cause.

A chemical doesn’t always have to be green and toxic, it could be soaps or body wash, detergents and surface cleaners.  We also work with many companies who supply gardening products such as weedkillers and fertilisers which all require labels clearly specifying the ingredients used in the products, including any hazardous symbols.

BS5609 Approved Labels

We supply BS 5609 approved labels, which adhere to the specification required for chemical manufacturers transporting goods where there is marine immersion.

BS5609 is recognised internationally as the standard labels must meet when they are used on hazardous chemical containers shipped by sea. The purpose of this is to ensure that labels remain effective, even after months floating in the sea. With proper labelling the potential for negative environmental and health effects, resulting from chemical containers lost at sea, is reduced.

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