Chemical Labels

Labelnet is a leading specialist in self adhesive chemical labels for industrial chemical products, including bleach solutions. From the initial design all the way to the day the order is received, our team works closely with manufacturers to ensure their chemical labelling needs are met and all of our products exceed their expectations.

Warning labels are extremely important to keeping users informed of the potential risks of the product, to help them understand how to use it and how to appropriately dispose of them. Chemical product labels help identify dangerous chemicals by explaining the hazards of the products and how to avoid them.

Producing High Quality, Industry Compliant Warning Labels

By law, labels for cleaning products must include safety information if the product contains hazardous chemicals that could potentially cause harm. It is crucial that the safety information on the label is printed clearly and remains easily readable, regardless of the product’s storage conditions, so this information is always available. Our machines enable us to produce multi-layer labels, which are often used in the manufacture of industrial labels to provide as much information as possible on the product without a large impact on the look and feel of the label itself.

Bleach labels and chemical product labels are liable to become damaged over time due to the fact that many of the chemicals in the products can react adversely with the label material. This is why it is imperative to avoid any unwanted damage by using appropriate material for chemical and bleach labelling; the adhesive on labels for cleaning products must be strong enough to withstand the chemicals in the product and every day wear and tear.

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