Chemical and Cleaning Products

At Labelnet we work with many chemical and cleaning companies of different industries and have a great understanding of what is required when it comes to printing a label specifically for hazardous chemical products.  The importance of ensuring the label adheres to the product and packaging, even if spillages of the chemical happen,  is vitally important as these labels will inform the customers of any potential risks which the chemicals could cause.
Labels for chemicals must be resistant to particular stresses and spillages to ensure the adhesive remains strong for as long as the bottle or container is in use. Labelnet print self-adhesive labels on rolls and sheets using both polypropylene and polyethylene which fulfills all the requirements of hazardous substance labelling.

Why our labels? 

People use chemicals in their homes every day and include cleaning products, weedkiller, fertiliser, nail varnish remover, paints and glues.
Whilst most of these chemicals are not dangerous if used properly, they all need specific clear instruction for potential incidents such as spills, ingestion, contact with eyes, or specific disposal. It is therefore important that chemical labels are used to inform consumers of instruction or alert them to potential dangers.
With over 20 years of experience working with chemical and cleaning companies we understand the importance of a chemical label and what requirements you have to create a long lasting label.  This includes using waterproof materials as well as permanent adhesives to ensure our labels are resistant to harsh chemicals and spillages they may come into contact with.

High Performance Adhesives

In order for chemical labels to comply with BS5609 standards, they must be highly durable and remain both attached and legible in all conditions and in case of chemical spillages, including immersion in sea water. We provide extra strong adhesives that ensure our labels comply with these standards and are suitable for both metal and plastic containers.

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Hand Sanitiser and Soaps

With an increase in hand sanitiser and soap products we work hard to meet tight deadlines and ensure a high quality label is printed to promote your product.  Our team can assist you with your labels from the first point of contact to the day you receive your labels.  Hand sanitisers require information such as the alcohol percent to entice your customers to buy your product.  Using vivid colours or transparents materials prove to be popular with soap and hand sanitiser products and we have many options for you to choose from.

Garden Chemicals

Garden products is a huge market with weedkillers, bug spray, chlorine and patio cleaner to name a few.  We have thousands of ready made cutters in stock for various shapes and sizes and have worked with many chemical companies supplying garden products to have the knowledge and understanding of your label requirements.
We print both digital and flexographic labels and can add gloss finishes, added textures and vibrant colours to your labels to make them stand out in garden centres and supermarkets with clear branding and ingredients for your customers to read.

BS5609 Approved Labels

We supply BS 5609 approved labels, which adhere to the specification required for chemical manufacturers transporting goods where there is marine immersion.
BS5609 is recognised internationally as the standard labels must meet when they are used on hazardous chemical containers shipped by sea. The purpose of this is to ensure that labels remain effective, even after months floating in the sea. With proper labelling the potential for negative environmental and health effects, resulting from chemical containers lost at sea, is reduced.

Multi-Layer Labels

Our machines enable us to produce multi-layer labels, which are often used in the manufacture of industrial labels to provide as much information as possible on the product without a large impact on the look and feel of the label itself.
Bleach labels are liable to become damaged over time due to the fact that many of the chemicals in the products can react adversely with the label material. This is why it is imperative to avoid any unwanted damage by using appropriate material for our labelling; the adhesive on labels for cleaning products must be strong enough to withstand the chemicals in the product and everyday wear and tear.