When it comes to label printing there are numerous printing options to choose from and it can get a bit confusing as to what printing method you should go for, to get the most out of your label design as well as the cost.

Digital printing is one of the newer methods on the market and can completely transform a label with vivid colours which jump out as well as a glossier look to your labels to give them that extra va-va-voom!

So, what are the benefits of going digital?

Digital printing takes a digital copy of your label design and prints the image directly onto the label material when on press. All the colours and images used for your label are produced in one step, unlike flexographic printing which requires a plate and several colour stations to print your label.

Digital printing is ideal for smaller label quantities with high amounts of detail, as they run slower than flexo printers (although with technology continuously improving, the speeds are just a step behind traditional printing methods) so to print millions of labels on a digital press would not be the most cost-effective method to choose. Having said that, the productivity of digital printing is much higher as less stoppages are required throughout the printing process.

The print quality made from digital printing is of a higher quality which provides a much smoother and brighter appearance. Using intelligent technology, digital printing provides excellent resistance to element exposure such as heat, cold, sunlight and chemicals, ensuring the label print quality remains high throughout the life of the product it is adhered to. It also allows for greater control and versatility whilst producing photographic-quality graphics, vibrant colours and crisp text.

Offering over 10,000 pantone colours to colour match your labels, brand colours and logo, digital printing uses UV inks which are very vibrant in colour, making them stand out and are cured with UV/LED light. Things like sequential bar codes, variable text and delivery multiple SKU’s can be printed with digital printing and also provides the highest opacity white on the market creating a screen like high impact white, which you might not achieve with flexo printing.

Creating textures is another benefit of digital printing which can give your labels a unique difference with any textured background, giving labels a tactile feel which customer love to pick up to touch. Customisation is flexible with digital printing and can offer finer detailing to other printing methods.

Businesses wanting a quality label with metallic designs, but on a tight budget, will be amazed at what digital printing can offer on a silver material. It can produce the same effect as hot foiling but at a much lower cost. If you are keen to see the print quality of digital labels you can request a free sample pack here and ask for digital printed labels only.

So, if you are considering going digital with your labels here is a recap on the benefits it provides:

  • Highest Print Resolution
  • Vibrant UV inks
  • Colour Consistency
  • Unique Textures
  • Cost-Effective Prices
  • Faster Turnaround
  • Over 10,000 Pantone Colours
  • Photographic Quality
  • Flexible Customisation
  • Excellent Resistance
  • Crisp Text with Excellent Clarity

Whilst digital printing produces excellent quality labels, don’t dismiss going with Flexographic printing as both have their advantages and depends on what quantity you require, what label design you have, and the most cost-effective method for your individual requirement. Speak with our team today who can advise you on the right printing method for your labels – 01277 364964.