Embellished Labels

Add an extra special touch to your products for maximum impact. When customers are browsing the shelves, there is more competition than ever which makes it difficult to stand out from the crowd. The expert team at Labelnet are here to help embellish your labels to make them grab the attention of shoppers and show off your amazing brand. Embellished labels add additional decorative features to your packaging to make them stand out to passers-by and come in a wide variety of options. Whether you opt for foil labels, embossed printing, screen printed labels or something other, our state-of-the-art equipment makes everything possible.

Our embellishments can be tailored to suit brands across all industries, from high end whisky, wine or perfume bottles to boutique candle makers, homemade jam businesses or microbreweries. Both online and in physical stores, brands are continuously fighting for the spotlight to grab the attention of passers-by, but it can be more difficult than meets the eye. Adding a touch of luxury to your labels with our innovative technology allows you to create incredibly impactful labels with rich colours, fantastic textures and metallic elements for a wide range of applications. Your premium packaging is an indicator of the amount of thought that has gone into the product inside, remember that first impressions count!

If you choose to opt for just one of our embellishments or choose to add multiple, the opportunities are endless. We’ve pulled together a roundup of our most popular embellishment services that we can create with our new Digicon machine and how they can help excel your brand.

Embossed Printing

Being one of our most popular services, embossed printing adds an extra dimension to your labels by creating raised effects on chosen areas of your label. Choose from debossed or embossed printing for a raised or inverted effect which add a luxury feel to your packaging and stand out from regular 2D labelling. As well as being visually effective, the raised surface or indentations add texture to your labelling and encourage customers to pick up your product.

From our many years of experience with embossed labels, we have perfected our process to offer you the best results and recommend the best approach for you. A unique metal die (plate) is created with your chosen embossed design, whether this is lettering, imagery or a pattern, and the label material is then placed firmly between the embossed metal die and a flat metal die. Heat is applied to press the pattern onto the material and create the raised embossed label effect. Embossed labels tend to provide optimum results when used on thicker, more premium paper materials as the thicker the material, the deeper the effect you get.

Foil labels for embossing are growing in popularity, combining embossed printing with hot foiling to add a more dynamic look to your labels. This pairing highlight areas of the embossed parts of your design with the hot foiling to create metallic details, always a big hit with customers and bound to lead to an increase in sales for you.

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How to Make Foil Labels

Hot foiling gives your products a premium look by adding a shiny or metallic finish to certain parts of your foil labels, whether that be text or imagery of your choice. You may have heard the printing of foil labels be referred to as hot stamping or foil stamping but the process is the same; pressure is used during the embossed printing process to create a decorative finish.

The premium process of how to make foil levels combines heat with pressure to create the beautiful metallic finish from the hot foiling to achieve foil labels that stand out like no other. An engraved metal die (plate) is used with your chosen design, heated up and forced firmly against the label material, resulting in the design of the die being transferred onto the material. Our hot foil labels for embossing come in a wide variety of gold, silver and copper colours as well as matt or gloss pigments so you have various options to decide what type of hot foiling works best with your design. Often used in conjunction with embossing, foil labels for embossing creates a 3-dimensional effect that stands out from the crowd. To provide maximum protection to your hot foiling, lamination finishes creates a clear film which prevents abrasion to the foil labels when in transit

Most commonly, hot foiling is popular for:

  • Bottled spirits including gin labels and rum labels
  • Bottled wine
  • Bottled beer
  • Cosmetics products
  • Speciality foods

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Screen Printed Labels

The process of screen printing dates back years and can be slower than other processes but is used to create thick, opaque images or text to give your labels a strong colour and tactile feel.

This process of screen printed labels starts with a photo-sensitive coating being applied to a mesh screen. The photo-sensitive coating is exposed to light and the coating hardens around the label image which leaves the chosen design to be washed away. A negative image of the label design is left on the mesh screen through which the ink can now flow, now the ink can be pushed through the mesh stencil to print the hardened image onto to the screen printed labels. This is then sent through a drying station which contains UV lamps to set the ink in place.

Screen printed labels are ideal for outdoor use or products stored in harsh environments as they are weather and abrasion resistant and are very resistant to fading in direct sunlight. Only one colour can be used at a time with this process making it time consuming for more complex designs as several screens are required. Although it can take longer than other embellishment processes, the main advantages to screen printed labels are:

  • The technique enables us to lay a very smooth and thick coating of ink.
  • The labels are weather and abrasion resistant, excelling in the outdoors, extreme weather or chemical conditions.
  • The inks are so thick when printed that screen printed labels are more opaque than other printing processes.
  • People often use the screen printed labels method to create braille printing, often used within the pharmaceutical and chemical industries.

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Decorative Varnishes

Finishing your foil labels with premium varnishes can transform your labels to give them the ultimate luxurious look. On top of looking sleek and premium, adding a varnish brings its benefits in protecting your labels, making them more durable, protecting the embellishments as well as creating that decorative look to stand out on the shelf. Offering a wide variety of finishes, our team are here to help you choose the right one for your embossed labels.

  • Gloss Varnish– Adds a sheen to the foil labels which brightens up the label design and adds depth to your colours.
  • Matt Varnish– Creates a more subtle, soft look to the embellishments and often used for creating a look of elegance with a matt finish.
  • Tactile Varnish– Gives a matt finish with some texture to the feel of the label
  • Glitter Varnish– Adding flecks of gold to give your labels a sparkle finish to create unique effects to your hot foiling
  • UV Varnish– Provides added protection to your labels acting as a barrier when scuffed or exposed to chemicals or alcohol
  • Pearlescent Varnish– Creates a luster effect caused by adding miniscule metal flakes to the varnish to produce a pearlescent appearance
  • Spot Varnish– Applies a glossy finish to just part of the embossed labels, leaving the rest varnish free. Great for making part of the label design to jump out.

Embellished Labels by Labelnet

Whether you’re looking how to make foil labels, screen printed labels or luxuriously textured embossed labels, we guarantee excellent results with all of our embellished label types.

With over 20 years’ experience and an incredibly talented in-house team of manufacturers, we’ll work with you to make sure your product stands out from the crowd. Contact us to get started today. We will arrange an initial discussion to establish clearer idea on your brand and requirements before offering some suggestions for your foil labels. Your perfect foil labels for embossing are just one step away!