About Fowey Valley

Fowey Valley products are produced in a small cidery in Lostwithiel, in the Fowey Valley, in Cornwall. They have crafted a range of food and drinks with their beautiful West Country apples.

They began making Sparkling Vintage Cider, using traditional champagne making methods, in 2012, then produced their Castledore Cider, along with Chutney and Cider Vinegar.

They now make a range of drinks including Gin, Vodka, Eau de Vie, Pommeau and Brandy, with their latest addition being the delicious West Country Falstaff Apple Juice.

Where it all began

Last September we needed to produce labels for our new addition, our Apple Juice, and I decided we were long overdue a shop around for labels for the entire range. We hadn’t shopped around for labels in a few years, and during the pandemic we were looking to see if we could cut costs without compromising on quality. We have been using Labelnet since then and they have been a great company to work with.

What were you looking for?

We needed someone to match the shiny yellow gold on our labels, which a lot of companies were not interested in producing for us. Labelnet not only sent us a
variety of amazing samples, they sent us a sample to match our previous labels. I was worried about a lack of consistency when producing a new batch of labels with a new company, so being able to see samples to match our existing labels was incredibly reassuring for us.

Their pricing was also the most competitive by a long, long way!

The decision was down to me. I really value good customer service and commitment to quality, as those are two things we at Fowey Valley pride ourselves on so we I try to work with companies who align with our values.

What challenges did you face?

In the beginning we had no idea about the technicalities of label making! We knew how we wanted them to look – but had no idea what reel size or kind of ink we needed.

How did Labelnet help?

Tony was incredibly helpful throughout the entire process, he took the stress of decision making away and produced something which looked exactly how we wanted it to. The whole team have been incredibly helpful and reassuring. The INCREDIBLE customer service was also a plus.

Benefits of working with Labelnet

Tony has been so patient dealing with us . We had no idea about labels at the beginning and he was always more than happy to help, he was never condescending or rash – like other label companies were! It’s always a pleasure to receive a call from Tony.

We never have to worry about errors or quality loss when we order from Labelnet, the quality is spot on every time and we have never had any issues. Ordering is an absolute breeze, and we are saving a lot of money on our orders.


“The samples of our existing labels, to me, was going above and beyond! No other company had ever offered to do that.
We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Labelnet. I would advise everyone to shop around when ordering labels, we were amazed at how much of a difference people are charging for similar products, I think Labelnet would come out cheapest nearly if not every time.”