With so many brands and products on the shelf when you walk into a supermarket, how can you win over customers to purchase your product? It is up to you to ensure your version is the most memorable and appealing option which stands out on the shelf.

A Beacon for Your Brand

When selecting foods in a supermarket, shoppers have a limited set of visuals to go on.  When choosing vibrant label choices, with unique textures or materials, you can help these customers make up their minds.  People are emotionally connected to the colours they see on food labels, which means when making your choice of colours, this is a vital decision which can determine how shoppers react to your goods.

Health Information

Including Nutritional Facts to your labels you are giving health conscious customers the dietary data they will want to see before selecting your brand.  If you’re eager to reach the increasingly healthy eaters, you can highlight your positive attributes on a colour coded panels for example to make it stand out and easier to read.

Revise Your Food Labels

If you haven’t sat down and revised your food labels and strategy in a while then now is the perfect time.  Do your research of what your competitors are offering and what labels stand out to you on a shelf, note what makes each label stand out and how you can incorporate this into your brand.  Labelnet can make this process easier for you and offer some ideas of how to easily upgrade your label and help you through the process.

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