About Kingdom Gin

Kingdom Gin is the first product launched from Kingdom Recommends Limited. Kingdom is my husband and together we are hoping to build a company that helps others.  Our philosophy is Ubuntu, which is a south African term meaning ‘humanity to others’ and translates to ’I am because we are’. Our plans are to provide a platform where new businesses can promote their new food and drink products and hopefully reach a bigger market, helping them to grow and succeed, fulfilling the philosophy of Ubuntu.  As well as this we are planning to launch a selection of drinks starting with our London Dry and Winter flavours, it’s an exciting time.

Where it all began

Founder of Kingdom Recommends, Karen Thenga, and the team were looking for a label manufacturer to assist them with their new gin labels. They came across Labelnet whilst researching on the internet, speaking to lots of different companies to find ones who could help with what they needed and then evaluating them against each other.

What they liked about Labelnet was their desire to help them achieve their goals.  Right from the beginning Labelnet were bought in to help the team deliver their labels and seals in double quick time.  Labelnet rep, Richard, helped Kingdom Recommends with their project, with a very positive attitude whilst listening to their ideas and vision.

What were they looking for?

Both cost and turnaround times were very important when choosing a supplier but they also considered how the business worked, how quickly questions were answered and how much help and advice was available.  A big question was whether they felt they could trust the company to fulfil their promises and commitments without causing any concerns or worry.  Ultimately, Kingdom Recommends were looking for long term partners they could work together with and create a good business relationship with.

What challenges did they face?

Whilst Karen and the team found their way through various decisions of volumes, sizes, colour and finishes, Labelnet’s patience was available in bucketloads – you name it they changed it and always the Labelnet team came back quickly with lots of suggestions and good ideas.  Richard even video called Karen and the Kingdom Recommends team to explain how the labels were wound onto labelling machines to ensure they understood the concept.  He was really helpful, knowledgeable and never lost his sense of humour.  He was in constant contact with the team, always checking and confirming in case something was forgotten.

How did Labelnet help?

Because of the depth of knowledge Richard had together with the team at Labelnet they were able to turn a creative idea into a workable design.  This really helped Kingdom Recommends achieve what they were looking for at an affordable price with a great finish.  The ability to have open constructive conversations about changes really helped the team understand any required changes and create a great label.

Benefits of working with Labelnet

The Labelnet team worked really hard to deliver the gin labels in a very tight window and despite there being issues whilst on press they still got the order out on time, never causing Karen to worry.  They saved Kingdom Recommends both time and money and gave ideas for improvements throughout.

“We are delighted with our labels, they look fantastic.  We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Labelnet and our advice to any customer would be talk through your ideas and work together to find the best solution.”

Karen Thenga, Founder, Kingdom Recommends

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