Labels for Bottles and Jars – Tips

Various customers of ours use self-adhesive labels on their bottles and jars for all sorts of products. From homemade jams and sauces to drinks, cosmetics and chemicals – all customers need to make sure that important information about their products and the ingredients used is clearly displayed on each container.

There are numerous things to consider when producing a label for your jars or bottles, and we have come up with some useful labelling tips to help you get to your end label design to ensure it is right for your product and stands out on the shelf.

How many labels does your product need?

Some jars may require a front and back label to show different information, or you can opt for a wrap around label instead.  Cramming all of your information onto one label can sometimes be harder to read, so ensure you spread the information across the front and back of your product.  We recommend typing out the information that you want to include on your product labels to help choose a label size (or quantity). You may also want to consider having a tamper evident label to adhere to your jar lid.  This is your first thing to think about.

What size jar or bottle will you be using?

You can’t order your labels until knowing what they are going to adhere to.  Once you know what jar or bottle you are using, you can then work out the size of the label which you require.  Jars and bottles come in all different shapes and sizes so pick something that will work for you and your label. Product labels work best on flat surfaces so if your bottle is an irregular shape, what issues may this cause for labelling your product? Do you want your label to cover your entire product? Or do you want the label to only wrap half way down to show off the sauce or the drink?

State the following information clearly on your labels:

Branding and Logo


Instructions for use

Allergen Info

Contact Info

Does your artwork stand out?

When you are ready to have your labels printed, check and double check your labels artwork to ensure it is going to attract attention to your product and stand out over your competitors labels.  Research other products and what colours, styles and materials are used and decide what message you are portraying and what will work best for your product.  Your artwork should be a high quality image so you can always get a Graphic Designer to design your label, who may have some fresh and creative ideas for you.

If you need any help when it comes to ordering your labels our team are here to help you, from recommending the best materials to use, to what printing technique will work best for your label.  Give us a call 01277 364964 or email us