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Company: Primepak Foods

Industry: Food

About Primepak Foods

Primepak Foods is a chilled food manufacturer and processor based in East Yorkshire. Manufacturing and processing cheese, cooked meats, salads and sandwich fillers for retail, delicatessen and food services, means labels are a very important part of their products by displaying sell-by dates and ingredients.

Where it all began

Primepak were approached by Labelnet 15 years ago where they were offered bespoke branded food labels.   Our sales rep Rich has built relationship with the buying team.

What were they looking for?

It was key for Primepak to find a reliable and competitive supplier who could offer assistance, was interested in building a personable relationship, had knowledge of the products they supplied and the operating environment in which they would be use.  This would not be a one-time job, and would lead to repeat business.

How did Labelnet help?

Rich Baldwin, a Labelnet sales rep who is local to their area, has assisted Primepak with their order requirements since day one, by visiting Primepak to get a better understanding of their products and the labels which they required. With his skilled knowledge within the label industry, Rich could advise Primepak on the suitable label materials needed for the numerous food products, as well as the right adhesive to ensure the labels would not peel off in the cold temperatures in which the products are stored.

Labelnet’s assistance allowed Primepak to focus their time on business growth, knowing their labels were in the hands of experienced professionals.

What challenges did they face?

New products are being developed all the time by Primepak for their customers who require their own branded labels.  When looking at new work Primepak has to be mindful of the packaging requirements needed and set up on-site meetings with their suppliers to ensure the end product will perform and look exactly as required for their customers.

Working with a label supplier who could co-operate with the regular on-site meetings deemed to be challenging in the past. However, Rich from Labelnet was always happy to help and attended the meetings to offer the best solutions for producing and supplying the end product.

Benefits of working with Labelnet

At Labelnet we aim to make the label manufacturing process as easy as possible, and always look to suggest cost-effective alternatives to help meet clients budgets. Rich was able to suggest more commercially effective approaches to setting up the artwork, as well as highlighting alternative cutter profiles to aid with the application.

Efficient customer service is something Labelnet strive to achieve, and the service offered from both the office team and Rich provided Primepak with peace of mind knowing their label orders would run smoothly. Primepak were also confident that if they were to call the office for updates, they would receive detailed information about delivery times and updates on their order.

Labelnet are also competitively priced compared to other label manufacturers, and a label supplier Primepak would recommend to others when looking for bespoke labels.

Primepak Foods

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