Case Study

Company: Rezet & Son

Industry: Food Manufacturer


About Rezet and Son

Rezet & Son are a food manufactures, manufacturing such foods as hummus, yoghurt and smoked sausages.

Where it all began

Labelnet were the label manufacturers for Rezet before it got taken over by current owner Huseyin, in 2017.  Huseyin decided to continue business with Labelnet, so got in touch with sales rep Mark Hale, asking for a visit to discuss moving forward with them as the new owner.

What were they looking for?

Rezet were looking for new labels for their products and needed advice from Labelnet to get them started and wanted as easy a process as possible.

How did Labelnet help?

Providing great customer service, Mark Hale from Labelnet visited Huseyin to go over his requirements and answer any questions and queries they were facing.  Mark was happy to go above and beyond to assist and provide material samples for them to look through, to help them make some decisions.  Huseyin knew after his meet with Mark, that Labelnet were the right fit for them, adding a personal touch and guiding them through the label order.

What challenges did they face?

Needing the right material with a strong enough adhesive was a specific requirement for Rezet so Labelnet offered several samples for them to trial until finding the right one.  It was important for not only the adhesive to be strong, but for the end label to look attractive which Labelnet helped them through.

When Rezet changed their packaging to a tapered pot, the label shape needed changing to adapt to this and curve around the pot.  Mark was on hand to help with this transition from start to finish.

Benefits of working with Labelnet

Having a sales rep at the end of the phone to contact during the order process was a great benefit for Huseyin.  Having years of knowledge working in the industry, Mark could even help with the artworks needed, to receiving the finished labels making it a smooth process for Rezet.

Mark knew when Rezet should use different processes to keep their labels to a high standard and at the best price. Labelnet were and still are competitively priced compared to other label manufacturers, and label suppliers.

General Feedback

Huseyin, at Rezet, has already been recommending Labelnet to other companies and is happy with the service he receives including advise in all areas, and a knowledgeable sales rep on hand.

Rezet & Son

T: 020 7272 2788