Vape Labels

Labelnet can provide you with custom vape labels in the perfect shape and size for your products. The popularity of vaping is ever growing, and enthusiasts are looking for specifics when choosing which products to buy. However good your e-liquid may be, people can only go off what your vape juice labels tell them. Here at Labelnet, we’re well experienced in creating eye-catching custom vape juice labels that ensure your product stands out on the shelves.

Vape labels are a key part of any e-liquid brand, being one of the first things customers notice when choosing a product. A professional and high quality vape juice label is a great way to give potential customers a great impression of your brand so there is no better time to consider custom vape juice labels.

A high quality and well-designed custom vape juice label is a big factor in the consumer decision making process, a trusted brand with some great selling points is much more likely to be perceived positively. Our vape label printing technology and processes allow us to offer exceptional print quality with CMYK colours, in up to 8 colours to suit all of you label printing needs. Choose from our wide range of additional printing features which can give you the edge over competitors, including:

  • Laminating
  • Foiling
  • Printing on reverse or adhesive side
  • Multi web
  • Hole-punched
  • Die cutting
  • Texturing
  • Super Gloss Varnish
  • Matt Laminate and many more

We also provide fully TPD (Tobacco Product Directive) compliant vape juice and e-liquid labels and our vape labels can integrate the Tactile Warning of Danger required if nicotine is present. Multi-layer and reversible labels give valuable extra print area to clearly display warnings and instructions for use.

Custom Vape Juice Label Printing Options

With many years of industry experience suited to find the best solution for each individual brief, we pride ourselves on being able to deliver the highest standard of vape label printing. Why not have a look through our full collection of self-adhesive labels to get inspiration on the types of high-quality labels we can provide you.

We understand that you will need vape labels in a variety of flavours and sizes so our digital printing option is ideal for custom vape juice label printing. It offers more flexibility with it’s short run capability making it cost-effective.

  • Custom vape labels to perfectly fit the shape and size of your packaging
  • Unique custom vape juice labels finished exactly as you envision them – or better!
  • High quality printing for a premium finish
  • Choose from different material options for your custom design to be printed on
  • Design checked to ensure full compliance to UK laws and regulations

E-Cigarette and Vape Label Regulations

E-cigarette liquids and vape juice falls under the Tobacco Products Directive (TPD) as well as CLP regulations which means that manufacturers of electronic cigarette liquid must now comply with e-cig labels regulations. Tactile warning triangles are required as a feature on every vape label, both on the bottle and its packaging. At Labelnet, we can provide labels that are TPD & CLP compliant with minimum impact on your design.

The TPD regulation also requires you to display additional information with your bottle. We offer multi-layer and reverse label printing which gives the added benefit of additional space so that everything required can be printed on one vape label, including integrated tactile warnings. This allows your label to benefit from having the extended content required without hindering design.

Vape Label Artwork Design

Need help with your label design? Our talented label product design team can assist you with your artwork and vape label design requests. Our knowledgeable label specialists will guide you through the appropriate label material and label adhesive choices. We offer a wide range of materials, films, foils, papers and adhesives for every application, as well as varnishes and film laminates for ultimate label protection.

custom label

Attractive yet informative vape juice labels are crucial when it comes to the identification of products, often it is a primary reason why a customer chooses your product rather than competitor brands. Although vape labels are small and may not leave you with much space to work with, the message communicated through the design represents your brand and is essentially a marketing tool, definitely not an area which should be overlooked.

Our capabilities allow you to add special finishing and embellishments to your vape labels, such as foil, embossing, and varnish options designed to give your labels a powerful visual advantage to make your brand stand out from the rest.

We appreciate the importance of getting vape labels right, which is why we offer samples before committing. Our expert team can explain the different options available to you and send samples of how your custom vape juice labels could look. Visualising these options in person is a great way to confirm whether your choice was the right one. Get in touch with one of the Labelnet experts today to see what they can do for you and your business.

Contact Us About Vape Label Printing Today

With such an experienced team of experts at Labelnet, we are always here to help optimise your design and have access to the newest technological printing advancements to ensure your design is printed to the best possible standard. The Labelnet team has the skill, expertise, and capabilities to meet all of your label printing needs.

We’ve established the perfect formula for creating the best custom vape juice labels out there. It is a combination of a highly skilled production team, great designers and the most up to date technology available. Labelnet have got this formula down to the tee and are thrilled to be able to implement it for your vape labels. Talk to us today to see how we can help your brand with great quality vape label printing or request a vape label quote for more information.