Pet Product Labels

People love their pets and are willing to spend top money for all their needs. But, in an ever expanding market how do you showcase that your product is the best?  Your pet food labels need Labelnet’s expert designs to captivate pet owners, whilst also reflecting top quality through the highest caliber materials and packaging.

Bespoke Labels

At Labelnet, we supply many pet food and pet product organisations with our impressive labels. Word gets around and our client list is constantly growing, here’s why we think pet organisations are so impressed:

Our pet food labels are produced using the latest printing processes and the highest quality inks to ensure images are clean, sharp and vibrant. We achieve this vibrancy through CMYK printing in conjunction with Pantone specials,  producing photo-style images with clean texts and borders

Short hair or long hair, matt or gloss, there’s always options in the pet world, this applies to pet food labels too. You have a choice of finishes with Labelnet and we can even use spot varnishing to highlight text or images.

Fetch the stick! Oo wrong kind of stick, our pet food labels come in a variety of adhesive (sticky) styles. We supply re-sealable labels that allow users to ensure continued freshness of products, while our removable labels are designed for direct placement on packaging. Permanent adhesives are commonly applied to the outer packaging of a product.

Reverse Printing
Roll over… to the other side of your pet food labels with our reverse printing. We can print on the adhesive itself, a great technique that’s often used when labelling a clear product with more information

Barcode & QR Print
BARKode and QR Printing is available when ordering with Labelnet, helping with distribution and easy integration into any sales systems.

Promotional Printing

We offer booklet integration for promotional packs as well as labels to show off offers such as 50% off, Buy One Get One, or SALE to attract the customers eye.

Innovative and Custom Designs

Having attractive and innovative pet product label designs is crucial these days, as consumers have much more variety and competition to choose from. An effective way you can draw attention to your pet products is to make them more noticeable with high-quality, clearly printed labels that complement your products and branding.

At Labelnet we make the labelling solution process as simple as possible. With a huge array of materials, sizes and finishes available, our expert team are on hand to help with each step. Our 20 plus years of experience within the industry enables us to suggest the best materials and designs to ensure you receive labels for your pet products that are fit for purpose and will maintain their excellent quality throughout the lifetime of the product.

Our label cutter library sees over 2000 pre-made shapes and sizes, leaving you with plenty of options to choose from for your pet products. We understand that this can sometimes be overwhelming, that’s why the team are always on hand to guide you through this process ensuring you select the right size and shape for your needs. We can even order in a bespoke cutter suited to your specific requirements!

Incredibly versatile and unique, our labelling solutions for pet products are ideal for a variety of uses. With the ability to be printed on a diverse range of materials, textures and colours, we can ensure your labels are consistent across the board. Paired with an excellent design team, we can work with your business to create the perfect label that not only fits its purpose but works with your branding.

pet product labels
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