Colour and Brand Relation

In a world of online shopping, cheap alternatives, and huge competition, it’s no wonder that your brand needs to stand out more than ever. At Labelnet we like to add vibrant colours to our customers labels to give them the wow factor and attract customers attention when sat on the shelf. Our Digital Press offers over 10,000 colours to choose from and textures and finishes that will re-vamp any label in minutes.

It’s amazing what different colours can say about your brand, so when choosing your colours think about what image you want to portray and what a colour can say about you.


Red is a very powerful colour and grabs peoples attention as it is very loud, playful and is a universal symbol of passion, anger and excitement. This is the most popular colour when it comes to marketing, although you need to be careful not to over do it.


Blue is a very trustworthy, cool colour and inspires a sense of calm, confidence and professionalism. Choosing the right shade of blue can be vital though as overusing blue can make a brand appear cold and detached.


Pink is fun, frilly and fab for attracting predominantly female attention. There is a sense of energy, cheer and has a soothing calm perception. This is a winner for a female demographic and can be used in so many shades.


Yellow is a warm, friendly colour which reminds us of the sun. It can be a very friendly colour, portraying positivity, happiness and a youthful energy. Using the wrong yellow hue can very quickly give a different vibe of caution and illness so use this colour wisely.


Green is a versatile colour which is inviting and restful as it doesn’t force the eyes to make any adjustments, The colour has a sense of balance and a connection to nature and the environment. It doesn’t have an energetic punch so isn’t for those wanting a bold statement.


Purple is the colour of royalty and represents sophistication and elegance. It is a creative colour with has a soothing identity and great for luxurious brands. Anyone looking for a more down-to-earth appeal might want to avoid this colour.


Orange has energy – it’s playful and it’s cool. It is a more invigorating colour with active emotions associated with it giving it vitality and happiness. It is a bold and brave colour to use that portrays excitement and warmth.


Gold is very elegant and prestigious adding an element of power which purple cannot perhaps match. It portrays wealth, achievement and luxury. Adding just a touch of gold can enhance a brands image.


Brown has an earthy tone to it which is a more serious but comforting colour. This colour can portray reliability and supportiveness. it’s connection the nature can offer a sense of rugged yet warm feelings.


Black is a highly versatile colour which is powerful, professional and a more serious colour. It can be used for a modern or traditional feel but can make a powerful statement and convey a sense of respectability.


White is a clean, pure and sophisticated colour which often gets ignored or relegated to the background. It can provide contrast and simplicity but also luxury and clarity.

With so many colours to choose from when it comes to picking your brand colours don’t just think about what colour you like, but what your chosen colour may say about your brand. A colour can be your customers first impression so make sure it’s the right one.

Our artwork team help our customers choose the right colours to enhance their brands and can help design your new labels if you are thinking of re-branding in the near future.

Contact us if you would like any further information about how we can re-vamp or enhance your labels.