Xmas Sale Stickers

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, and it comes around quicker and quicker.  We know it’s a manic time of year full of work celebrations, kids nativities, late nights shopping and prepping the infamous big dinner – so why not get ahead of the game and order your Xmas Sale Stickers now so that’s one thing ticked off your list this Winter.

Using Point of Sale stickers to increase Christmas sales

Whether you’re a small independent boutique, standalone store, popular high-street shop or a supermarket giant, you’re probably getting ready for the seasonal sales. This means a whole lot of re-organising and a whole lot of Point of Sale stickers!

Point of Sale stickers is arguably the single best way to draw attention to your sale items and displays, no matter what you’re promoting.

With customers spending no more than 4 seconds looking at a product, using Point of Sale stickers to highlight your special offers is a must. As well as being eye-catching, a Point of Sale sticker should also be informative, so consumers know what your promotion is immediately upon seeing it.

Benefits of Point of Sale stickers for the seasonal sales

Sticking on a promotional sticker in the Christmas period may seem like standard practice, but there are actually a huge number of benefits to doing so that you might not be aware of.

  • Easy price reduction for any product
  • Easily attachable and removable if required
  • Highly customisable by size, shape and colour
  • Pre-printed with price if needed
  • Easy online ordering and delivery process
  • Products can be correctly labelled

What Point of Sale stickers do Labelnet offer?

The Christmas sales are ruthless which is why we stock a huge variety of promotional stickers. Whether you’re promoting ‘SALE’ ‘½ price’,’Buy One Get One Free’, or ‘Special Offers’, we have Point of Sale stickers to meet your needs.

Permanent or Peelable Adhesives

Labelnet is specialists in the production of Point of Sale stickers for both short and long term promotions. So whether your offer is for the Christmas period only, or is running for the foreseeable future, we have the stickers for you. We achieve this by offering either permanent or peelable adhesive, so you have total flexibility in how long you want your stickers on your product!

Flexible Printing Options

Seasonal sale stickers have specific needs and our game-changing printing machinery means we can print Point of Sale stickers for every promotional need. For short-term promotions, our digital label options offer cost-effective short-runs which are ideal for smaller orders, whilst our Flexo presses are perfect for high-quality long-runs. Our machines come with an extensive library of die-cuts, plus the option to print on to rolls or sheets from single to full-colour depending on your exact needs.

Please complete the form below with your label requirements and we will get in touch with you with a quote and sample pack.