Luxurious Labels

We are excited to announce that our brand-new embellishment machine has arrived, bringing our customers the most premium label designs to take their labels to the next level.

This state-of-the-art finishing press takes our label capabilities to a whole new dimension allowing us to become even more creative, and add luxurious looking designs to all of our customers labels.

So, what is an embellished label?

The term embellishment means to add a decorative or detailed feature to something to make it more attractive and eye-catching. Our machine has many options for you to choose from to enable you to enhance your labels in various ways, to take them to the next level of sophistication.

What embellishments do we offer?

  • Embossing – our printing press allows us to emboss your labels which creates a 3D raised effect onto areas of your label by using heat and custom dies. You can create this effect on your logo, part of an image or even your text, to give it that distinctive appearance and complex texture.
  • De-bossing – the same technique used for embossing but the indentation is reversed creating an inwards 3D effect rather than raised. This method is ideal to use on thicker materials to give a better 3D finish, and is a popular choice for drinks manufacturers and cosmetic companies to create a unique finish to their labels.
  • Hot Foiling or Cold Foiling – to create a luxurious looking label with a detailed metallic design or text we use a method called hot foiling. This is what you will often see on a bottle of expensive wine or bottled spirits to create that eye-catching, sophisticated label design. Hot Foiling creates much finer detail to cold foiling and offers a wider range of metallic colours including gold, silver, bronze and so many more.
  • Screen Printing – this process transfers a stenciled design by pushing the ink through a mesh screen to create a smooth, glossy, high build printed design (such as braille). Super opaque whites can be used on clear labels to ensure colours pop where required or labels with tight register can be overprinted for a premium look and feel. This is great for anyone looking to add a splash of intense colour to their label which is highly durable, even when exposed to extreme environments.
  • Lamination – laminating your labels is part of the finishing process and will not only add protection but give you the option to add a high gloss or super matt finish to the look of your label, which a standard varnish cannot replicate. The gloss finish is very popular with sports nutrition products and chemicals giving it that super shiny look, whereas the matt labels provide a smooth texture which breweries and cosmetic companies use for a different unique look.
  • Decorative Varnishes – our decorative varnishes can add another layer of appeal to your label with glittery finishes, pearlescent varnishes or iridescent touches. There are a whole world of possibilities with our finishing press.

With so many embellishment options it can seem overwhelming on where to start but speaking with label experts can be a starting point on getting ideas and prices, and to get the most out of your particular label design. Adding label embellishments is a way to upgrade your labels and take your brand to the next level whilst helping your product stand out on a crowded shelf with unique and eye-catching additions to attract your customers.

Get in touch with our team if you are interested in embellishing your labels and to request a sample pack, or free quotation.

To learn more about embellished labels click here.