We work with Print Management companies all over the UK providing our expert advice and 20 years’ knowledge within the label industry to deliver the best customer service, and high-quality labels.

Being specialists within the Print Management sector we understand the importance of offering quick quotations for you and your customers, and speedy delivery every time. Our team work together with you to ensure strong relationships are built, to understand your needs and be available for last minute enquiries when needed.

Our printing presses consist of both Digital and Conventional printing methods, giving flexibility to you and your client and what’s even better is we now have a state-of-the-art finishing machine which offers our customers luxury embellished labels.

Whilst labels are our main speciality, we also print leisure and sporting tickets and luggage tags which are very popular within the Print Management sector.  We have produced tickets for London Excursions, Box Office Theatre Productions and Airport Boarding Passes.

We work with big brands supplying luggage tags for airlines and hotels, and is a unique service we offer which few people know about.

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Embellished Labels

Our embellishment machine offers numerous options to add a touch of luxury to any label with a fleck of gold, or a touch of texture – from hot foiling to embossing here is a brief run down of what each can do.

  • Embossing – selected areas are raised to create a 3D look
  • Hot Foiling – gives your label a reflective finish
  • Screen Printing – a high build print to add a unique texture and durability
  • Metallic Print – printing all metallic colours
  • UV Fluorescent Inks – used for security labels
  • Decorative Varnishes – glitter varnishes to add glamour

Digital Labels

Our digital press prints the highest native resolution on the market, providing pristine quality labels every time.  The digital press is ideal for shorter runs and for offering eye-catching, vibrant UV inks.  Some of the benefits to digital labels are:

  • Higher resolution images
  • Printing on a wide range of substrates
  • Rapid turnaround on orders
  • Crisp fonts with excellent clarity
  • Accurate printing from first to the last label on the roll
  • Vivid colours, smooth gradations and shadows without a drop-off